How to Quit Smoking

Last Updated: 25 May 2023
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In this modern era, our lifestyle has been changed over years. The world is now moving toward a very advanced and busy lifestyle. This has significantly brought a lot of changes in our human lives due to the stressful life. People nowadays, adapting to new habit so they could cope up with their stress and one of the main bad habit adapted by them is smoking. Although they know they smoking is injurious to their health, they just do not willing to give up the habit. There are a few ways for the smokers to quit their smoking habit so they can live up a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Firstly, the smokers must be determined not to smoke more than limited sticks per day as a beginning towards their quit process. The smokers must not buy extra cigarette for themselves so they could smoke whenever they need to. Smokers also should not let themselves to smoke continuously over a time period because it may pursue them to continue the habit. As for the beginning the smokers should lessen the amount of stick they smoking day by day so they can get rid of the habit slowly and gently.

Secondly, the smokers must replace the smoking habit with some other good habits so they could be able to control themselves when they getting the sensation to smoke. Habits such as chewing the chewing gum may help the smokers to forget about smoking over time. They may drink as much as water as they could so they wona€™t have the feeling to smoke after or before eating. Fresh juices have the properties of overcoming the sensation on nicotine so they may drink a lot of fresh juice to get rid of the smoking sensation. Thirdly, the smokers may try to involve themselves in more outdoor activities to stay active.

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They can start up jogging as it is a good exercise for the lungs capacity and durability. They can join any kind of sports clubs so they can fill up their free hours with useful activities. The smokers can enjoy their weekend with their family with any outdoor activities such as vacation so they could spend their quality time with their family. As all of us aware, smoking is not a good habit to be continued and adapted by any of us human being due to its nature of destructing the consumers. So throw the habit away and lead a happy life with your loved ones because the life we have now is a gift from the god for us to enjoy and being happy.

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