How Apple Managed to Reinvent Itself over the Years

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Apple Computers: Research on how Apple Managed to Reinvent Itself over the Years Apple computer Inc. currently known with the brand name Apple Inc. is a global corporation that makes end-users electrical products, computer programs, and marketable servers. The company’s main merchandise lines are iPod tune entertainers, iphone, and Macintosh. Apple Inc founders were Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs who integrated the company on January 3,1977 in California (Young & Simon, 2005). Apple has been predominantly a manufacturer of laptops for example Macintosh, Power Mac, and Apple 1.

In the 1990’s, the company faced unsteady vending and stumpy market. During that time Steve Jobs had been expelled but later in 1986, he returned to the company and became the CEO. Apple Corporation purchased another company called neXT and Jobs instilled fresh company policy of identifiable goods and simple devices. In 2001, the iPod melody player became successful making the company the leader in the customers’ electronic business (Sutherland, Ed, 2010). Apple Inc. has had its successes and failures.

In 1980, the introduction of Apple 11 was the beginning and the representation of the computer uprising during that period. Although the company had many competitors like the Commodore PET, this product defeated all other products and rapidly personified the other computers in the public awareness. It was highly advertised and its sales increased for three years consecutively. The Apple 11 had an attractive design, incorporated keyboard; ability to plug into any electronic devices like TVs making it successful.

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Its success was highly motivated by a program called VisiCalc, an initial spreadsheet to surface in the market (Young & Simon, 2005). The company was developing at an unbelievable quick rate. In spite of the achievements, Macintosh auctions started to fall following a hopeful beginning, and internal troubles affected the company. Power struggle among partitions persisted, and deprived account trailing brought about overproduction. Steve jobs introduced a new product in the market called Lisa named after his daughter.

After his appointment in Xerox PARC, the venture Lisa became a distress too. The major challenge was to plan a real product. The company had also suffered a big blow due to the CEO’s bad publicity. The company was later re-organized. In 1980, Apple 111 became a catastrophe in the market because of many flaws. Lisa too was a disappointment to the company. Accepting to go public, Apple Inc. became successful again. Some of the successes related directly to the company’s culture are its ability to stand out even over other competitors like IBM because of its initiators.

The company has a status of nurturing individualism and distinction that dependably draws skilled people to its employment especially after Steve Job’s return to the company. The company’s slogans and logos too have influenced its success. Apple Inc. merchandise commercial increased its reputation for initiating musicians into prominence (Sutherland, Ed, 2010). The company has also experienced product loyalty from its users. In conclusion, Apple Inc formerly known as Apple computer Inc. s an international company, which formulates consumers’ electrical products, computer programs, and viable servers with some of its products including iPod tune entertainers, iphone, and Macintosh. The Apple Inc. has gone through some of its successes and failures. Introduction of Apple 11 in 1980 was the commencement and the image of the computer unrest throughout that era. The company has also enjoyed its success because of various attributes such as its motto, symbol, the company’s ability to raise celebrities to recognition, and the loyalty portrayed by some of the company’s consumers.

Some of the failures experienced by the company were the introduction of Apple 111, Lisa project, and the continuous change of management. References Sutherland, Ed (October 29, 2010). Apple Tops Microsoft Revenue in Third Quarter. Retrieved from http://www. cultofmac. com/apple-tops-microsoft-revenue-in-third-quarter/66698. Young, Jeffrey; William L. Simon (2005). ICon Steve Jobs: The greatest second act in the history of business. Hoboken, NJ: John Wiley & Sons.

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