How has technology over the years affected society today?

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My essay will contain facts and answers about cell phones and if they are helping us or not and also how smart phones are actually making us stupid. It is getting bad, 37% of adults have admitted to being addicted to their smart phones while 60% of children and teens have admitted to being addicted to their smart phones. And Apple isn’t exactly helping with this. They have sold 33. 8 million I phones, 14. 1 million I pads and 4. 6 million Macs this quarter. In case you didn’t know a quarter in the business world is 4 months.

And that’s just Apple alone, in the first three months of 2013 there have been an estimated 405 million cell phones sold with 216 million being smart phones and 189 million being regular cell phones. Smart phones, they have completely changed the way we communicate. We use them for everything entertainment, math, translation of languages, cameras, and even the Internet it really is mind blowing to think of what can be done with a Smartphone. Have you ever heard someone say “there’s an app for that”? Well that’s because there is probably an app for just about everything.

There are apps that your animals can play apps for your toddler and for your parents too. Whatever happened to cat toys, hot wheels and books? I mean honestly smart phones kill, how many lives would have been saved if we didn’t have smart phones how many lives could we have saved if we didn’t have that one app or internet connection? It’s also been worse since texting was made illegal because everyone try’s to hide it under the dashboard or god knows what other ways people try to hide phones, takes their eyes off the road and then veer and crash.

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It has got to the point where every part of daily life is run by our phones we use them to fall asleep wake up figure out what clothes we want to wear today and so on. Did you know sixty two percent of Americans admitted to relying on smartphones to get through their day? But on that note don’t get me wrong there are some advantages to smartphones like how they are a popular communication device, some apps are useful, the built in gps can get you out of some bad situations. it really just depends on the user it could be a 16 year old girl sending 30 texts a minute or it could be a 50 year old man taking 15 minutes to say what’s up.

Which leads to another point of why old people shouldn’t use smartphones they set themselves up to be a danger to society if god wanted someone to take 15 minutes to say “hey” he would have given them a stutter. They need help most the time they use it, it would be simpler to own a regular phone that costs twenty dollars than have a three hundred or four hundred dollars. And when they do have smartphones they don’t use ninety percent of the apps or things like that when that’s what smartphones are for.

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