God Spoke It, And Bang It Happened Or Did The Universe Create Itself?

Last Updated: 05 Jan 2023
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In any court case the whole point is to determine if a defendant is guilty or not guilty. Our judicial system makes this determination based on evidence, either for or against the one on trial. This paper will be no different, I intend on showing that there is an immensely strong case and a plethora of evidence to prove that creation indeed has a creator. Everything we see has a creator including us as human beings. Think of it like this, when you go down to your local cell phone sales store and you begin to look at all the newest and greatest inventions on the market today. Never does it cross your mind, or do you pose the question; did these phones come from nothing?

Or when you decide to take a walk on a beautiful day and you walk by a magnificent home built with beautiful and intricate architectural details. You never once think man, it is amazing that thing just appeared right there one day. We could go on and on about every creation on this earth, but my point is, when we see and object no matter what it is, we automatically know that someone created it. It would be illogical to think otherwise. What’s interesting to me is why does that logic work for all the things we know man has created and not work for what man hasn't created, such as the human race and all other living things. All creation has a substantial case for a creator, including life its self.

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I know in this day and age there are an incredible amount of theories and beliefs when it comes to creation. These theories and thoughts are not just reserved for the secular world but are also argued even among believers. It is my prayer and hope through the examination of real factual evidence that the critic or jury so to speak would be convinced that there is in fact a creator for all of creation.

I believe the best place to begin this journey is to ask the question; did the universe create itself out of nothing? Can anything create its self out of nothing? Did some particle wake up and have cognitive thought one day and say hey let’s make a universe! I joke with my children and church members frequently by saying yes, I truly believe in the big bang theory, followed by saying God spoke it and BANG it happened, very unoriginal I know but true none the less. If you are not familiar with the big bang theory, we will cover that as we wade deeper into this trial. This seems like an insane and very illogical way for people to believe but never the less it is a growing belief in the world today. But because the evidence is so conclusive that the universe had some kind of beginning or creation, evolutionist are actually suggesting as fact that something came from nothing. A man named Edward P. Tryon said it like this “Our universe is simply one of those things which happen from time to time.” He also said, “I proposed that our Universe had been created spontaneously from nothing.”

To those in the faith or who have some grasp of logic these statements seem preposterous, that something could come from nothing. Now don't get me wrong that would be great for some aspects of daily life, like if were true of what is in my wallet. I look in it all the time and to my dismay there is nothing, but by believing that something can come from nothing, I can have hope to look in it one day and see that a large amount of cash has materialized from nowhere. This in essence is what certain evolutionist are saying. In an article titled “Was the Universe Created?” written by Dr. Stenger, he says, “the universe is probably the result of a random quantum fluctuation in a space less, timeless void…. So, what had to happen to start the universe was the formation of an empty bubble of highly curved space-time.

How did this bubble form? What caused it? Not everything requires a cause. It could have just happened spontaneously as one of many linear combinations of universes that has quantum numbers of the void…. Much is still in the speculative stage, and I must admit that there are yet no empirical or observational tests that can be used to test the idea of an accidental origin )1987,7 [3]:26-30. With sarcasm I hope that clears things up for you. He described the universe as having an accidental origin, and that it began with an empty bubble.

Here lies the problem in science, when so called scientists leave the realm of science and trudge into the arena of philosophy. These men begin to ignore empirical evidence and hide behind a mask of deep wisdom. In other words, they make things up and use big words to make it sound true. But in actuality it takes far more faith to believe their theories than it does to believe in a creator. To simply say this universe came from a bubble, and it is just the type of thing that happens time to time is a ludicrous train of thought to be sold as factual. I believe (Genesis 1:1-2, ESV) is a much better and believable way to explain things.

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