Homebound Furniture

To provide a unique and modern furniture products. To provide a high quality product in an affordable price. To be client-oriented. Vision To be the leading manufacturer of furniture and to elevate the quality of furniture products in the country. Business Concept Statement Homebound product varies from a wide array of homes, offices and various establishments’ furniture’s. The company sees to it that delivers high quality products from the world-class raw materials made in the Philippines. It’s unique, innovative and functional designs suited to the taste of meticulous customers.

Its products cater customers who have furniture needs. Homebound furniture only gives customers top of the line products that will last long and give full customers satisfaction. Homebound furniture’s can be bought in its own store. The company also reaches a lot of people to promote their products by joining expositions, bazaars and hosting our own exhibit. Business and its Management Team A Homebound is a company that manufactures and sells furniture’s for homes, offices and establishments. Its product is made of high quality materials and designs that are unique and innovative.

The products are mostly made of world class materials made in Philippines. Rationale The proponents establish this business because it is a good to be a direct seller/ manufacturer of furniture products than to hire a distributor. The key people who will invest 1. CEO/president Job Description: Holds and liable for all transactions of the business. Job Specifications: College graduate, have a skills in business management and business financial, computer literate Qualifications: Has an experience as board director in a many Estimated Salary per month: PH 180,000 per month Job Status: Full time Capital: 10 Million 2.

Marketing and Sales Director Job Descriptions: Liable for maintaining and establishing marketing strategies and sales production. Job specifications: College graduate, have a skills and talent in marketing strategies and good in sales. Qualifications: Has an experience and knowledge in handling marketing and sales department Job Status: Full time 3. Production and Operation Director Job Description: Spearheads the production and operation department Job

Specifications: College graduate, have good skills in supervisory manufacturing department Qualifications: Has an experience in handling operations department Job Status: Full time Relationship Statement 1. CEO/President Supervises: Finance Director, HRS Director, Marketing and Sales Director and Production and Operation Director Coordinates: All departments Outside the company: IT, City Office 2. Production and Operation Director Reports to: CEO/President Supervises: Maintenance Head, Assembly, Finishing, Creative Design, Quality Control Coordinates: All executive management

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