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History of nursing in nigeria and united states of america

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According to Nursing and Midwifery Council of Nigeria (2005) , the detailed history of a profession that combines scientific principle , technical skills and personal comparison can't be precisely relayed but records hold that nursing came to limelight in 1854 when the mother of professional nursing , Florence Nightingale started the battlefield with other 38 nurses and cared for the sick and injured men during the Crimean war in England.

Here persistence dedicated services, day nd night , experiences paid off by making her famous and recognized as a lady with lamp. Her metric service resulted to the beginning of professional nursing. Though, nursing in the early days was primarily a family matter with mothers caring for their own families or neighbors assisting each other.

In 1880, the status of nursing was greatly improved and many women including religious order were now involved in patients care. During the era, there are many school of nursing for trained nurse throughout Europe with the first school established in 1836 by arker Theorder Fliedner in his parisn in Kavesworth Germany through the influence of Florence Nightingale the Kareworth school. In 1882, came the first movement for the recognition and registration of nurse.

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History of nursing in nigeria and united states of america

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International body were formed Emirgare Royal Births Nurses Council of nurses established in 1893 and international council of nurse was established with headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland and branches all over the world. Also in 1926, the British college of nurses was founded. The first African American graduate nurse, Mary E. Mahoney, who promoted integration and etter working condition, for black patients and healthcare workers. Though nursing came to Nigerian through the British colonial master.

They provided services and medical care for wounded soldiers at the forth with hospital later the first nursing home in Nigeria in Jericho, Ibadan by the government of the British colonial master Later on, missionaries and their wives came to supplement government effort by setting up mission homes, dispensaries etc and commence the training of nurses in Nigeria, though language barriers, there was no formal training but on the ob acquisitions skills and practical aspect are been rendered by nursing surgery The regional government in Nigeria began the training of nurses by setting individual regional standard in 1949, the school of nursing, Eleyele was established to facilitate the training of nurses, later in 1952 , the university college hospital Ibadan started the training of nurses in a higher standard. In 1949, the nursing council of Nigeria was established to complement the efforts to the various training bodies and creating standards for nurse. By 1965, department of nursing was established in the university of Ibadan to ommence a degree programme in Nigeria. Later on university of Ife in 1972 and university ot Nigeria Enugu also started degree in 1 , at present all t states in Nigeria has one or more school of nursing, midwifery and kind of post basic schools.

More degree awarding institution has been granted the licencse to produce degree holder in nursing. Among them are Ahmadu Bello university, zairia. University of Calabar, Calabar, Ladoke Akintola University (LAUTECH) Ogbomoso. Also Private University, Babcok university, Disan Remo: Leadcity niversity, Madonna university among others started degree in nursing. Nurses, according to the ICN code of ethics as reviewed in 2005, have four fundamental responsibilities to promote health, to prevent illness, to restore health and to alleviate suffering. The need to nursing is universal inherent in nursing is respect for human rights, including cultural rights, the right to life and choice, to dignity and to be treated with respect.

Nursing care is respectful and unrestricted by considerations of age, colour, creed, culture, disability or illness, gender, sexual rientation, nationality, polities, race or social status. Nurses render health services to the individual, the family and the community and coordinate their services with those of related groups. Before 1981 , nursing was adjudged a vocation in Nigeria, but by virtue of the industrial arbitration panel (IAP ) award of 1981, nursing got the recognition of a full-fledge profession Arising from that pronouncement, the association has been working with the N ; MCN to take nursing to the highest pedestal of professionalism and one of the ways is through nursing education reforms.

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When did nursing begin in the United States?

In 1861, Elizabeth Blackwell, the primary lady to graduate clinical school in the US, made a nursing course to help train ladies filling in as attendants for the Association Armed force. Both Dorthea Dix and Clara Barton additionally worked all through the Common War to set up institutionalized and proficient consideration for Association troopers.

Who was the first nurse in America?

Linda Richards (July 27, 1841 – April 16, 1930) was the main expertly prepared American medical attendant. She set up nursing preparing programs in the US and Japan, and made the principal framework for saving individual clinical records for hospitalized patients.

How did nursing start in the world?

History of nursing. In spite of the fact that the beginnings of nursing originate before the mid-nineteenth century, the historical backdrop of expert nursing generally starts with Florence Songbird. ... Accordingly, the English government requested that Songbird take a little gathering of medical caretakers to the military emergency clinic at Scutari (present day Üsküdar, Turk.).

Why is the history of nursing important to current practice?

Contemplating nursing history permits medical attendants to see all the more completely issues at present influencing the calling, for example, pay, guideline, lack, training, characterizing practice, self-sufficiency, and solidarity. ... This gratefulness can furnish medical caretakers with significant political quality.

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