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The leading founders of the United States of America

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Explain why you think one of the following made a significant contribution to American political thought prior to 1800: Benjamin Franklin, James Madison, George Mason, Abigail Adams, Alexander Hamilton, John Jay, or Tom Paine. Explain his or her role in these important deliberations and why you think it was significant to the process, and may have influenced final outcomes. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN Benjamin Franklin was born on January 1, 1706 In Boston Massachusetts; he was the youngest child and the tenth boy in a family of 17 children.

He was one of the leading founders of the United States of America, a member of the committee that draft6ed the declaration of independence and was one f its signatories. Despite the fact that his formal education ended early, this never terminated his education, he believed that the doors of wisdom are never shut, in connection, he learned simple algebra, navigation, logic, history, science, English grammar and a wide knowledge of several other languages.

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As will be discussed below, Benjamin Franklin’s contribution or role or influence on the American political thought prior 1800 was and still remains significant both in America and in all the other parts of the world. To begin with his contribution is shown or rather confirmed in his belief in the fact that good citizenship included an obligation of public service. He himself served in United States of America in one way or the other for most of his life, for him there was no greater purpose in life than to live peacefully.

Again, Benjamin as a political activist and writer, more than anyone, invented the idea of an American nation; furthermore, he was an early proponent of colonial unity. He also founded the roots of American characters and values, a marriage of the practical and democratic Puritan values of thrift, community spirit, self government institutions and opposition to authoritarianism both political and religious with the scientific and tolerant values of enlightenment.

Benjamin Franklin also spearheaded the effort to have parliament repeal the unpopular stamp act, this was in the American governing body. He became involved in politics after which he was selected as a council man then he became a justice of the peace for Philadelphia. Later on after being appointed the deputy master general, his most noticeable services in domestic politics was his reform of the postal system (Woolman, 2004). He also affected diplomatic service in connection with the relations of the colonies with Britain and later with France.

He also protested against the political influence of the Pennsylvania family in England who were the proprietors of the colony. Another factor which shows contribution politically is that he was a member of the club of honest Whigs alongside other thinkers like Richard Price; this is when he became involved in active politics. He is also the founding father to four of the major documents of the United States; the declaration act, the treaty of Paris, the treaty of Alliance and the United States constitution and all these form a very vital part of the American political system.

The other significant thing he did that helped to tighten the American political system was that he advocated for the abolition of slavery which in turn led to stable political government. Among his many political roles there are some of the most evident ones which are discussed below; he was a representative in the Pennsylvania assembly, a colonial agent at London and a representative to the continental congress at Philadelphia in 1776 and the United States ambassador at Paris in 1783. At each of these pints, his political and social roles had changed.

He was well situated and well positioned in his area of leadership that he was able to participate directly in the formation of government policies, by worship1785, he was on the periphery of the forums of political power and social privileges Although Benjamin Franklin’s use and discoveries in science and innovation are well rounded accomplishments, he is most credited for his action in the political office. Benjamin’s ethical mind and thoughts helped make the nation of America what it is today. He believed that America had to separate itself from its control under Great Britain.

It is therefore a justifiable conclusion that perhaps his most heroic act is the work he contributed to make America the free nation it is today. Benjamin stood firm in his ground and belief that the Americans had to branch off from England even if there was strong opposition. He had to take the risk to as great depths as compromising with his fellow politicians yet he proved really heroic in the time of the political turmoil in the land for his ability to reason with others, stand true to his belief and the courteous nature at all time. Precisely, his work as a politician paid off greatly, more than he may have expected (Tomasi, 1999).

Benjamin Franklin was truly the first American to live the American dream, the dream that everyone, regardless of gender, race or background can be anything they desire through honesty and hard work. To cup it all, Benjamin Franklin was and still remains a hero in that through the voice he had in America, he has since brought hope to so many a people and through him, everyone seems to be having a bright future in the United States of America. He is truly a hero. Works cited Woolman, J. Autography of Franklin. Harvard: Kessinger Publishing, 2004. Tomasi, M American History. NY: Oxford, 1999.

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