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Having a Strategic Plan for the Company 

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The main objective of Kitchen on Wheels will be to create a new image of itself within the coming year, with one evaluation of the progress of wthe work after six months. The second objective is to increase his popularity among the workers with the possiblity of joining a union. Then, there is the acquisition of some media coverage for the activities that the company would be organising within the year. The creation of awareness about the company and the reinforcement of the popularity among workers and a better relation with the media and community are the objectives of the strategic plan.

Having a Strategic Plan for the Company Before the company starts dealing with the media, the community and the workers, it must go through a strategic plan which comprises of 8 steps. Firstly, Kitchen on Wheels will need to establish a small public relation committee comprising of two or three members. Then it will proceed with the close networkingf after consulting the data collected concerning the company. The company will then try to proceed with the plan by having a community outreach approach as well as forming relations in the media for more coverage. By the end of the first six months the company should join a union and it should a huge media event. Finally, Kitchen on Wheels will end the year with the little things and facilities that mainly the members of the company will have to perform.

Kitchen on Wheels - Public Relation Committee The Committee will comprise of the Public Relation Officer, the Personal Manager and a staff of the accounting department. Their job will consist mnainly to collect the data from the polls that have been taken from the public, the workers and the other companies in the business. They will convert those into the program and have an evaluation by the end of the year by having the same types of poll.

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Turn the data into a public relations plan The committee should use the outcome of the research material, they can use for example the equivalent of the National Food and Beverage Public Relations Association (NFBPRA). They may even cehck the respective ministry to see if there is any help that can be given to the growing companies in terms of public relations program funding. The committee will use all the readings from previous records on the company as well as that of other companies. They will also collect the dat from other companies by visting them and discussing with the other public relations officers. This will help the company in the community's concerns and about which strategies will it employ to show the community that its priorities are being addressed.Lastly, it will show the techniques that can be used to counter common misconceptions.

Networking The first stategy of the company will be to make its networking more influential. Networks are not easy to set up, but over time, they can reap big results in the form of broad community support and fresh ideas. Religious Leaders To cultivate a relationship with neighborhood religious leaders will prove to be a very good move as the people in West Allis are very religious and spiritual. That way the company will be attaining a large amount of audience most of them working in the industry as well those in the community at large through the religious leaders. The company will be getting to the community by targeting its leader. This will of course have a "domino effect" where most of the people will be happy with the company if their leader is.

Business Partners The company will use the grant that is given to growing companies from the ministry of labour, concerning enhancing the public relations of companies. The governement also offers officers that are trainers for companies that want to establish a public relation plan. Concerning the finance, the governement offers a sum of $ 50 000 that is refundable on a period of 10 years without interest.

Coalitions. The company will set up a coalition of community agencies such as the League of Women, the Food and Beverage Retailers Association, the union board, and city government. Use this advisory council to involve other agencies that are concerned with equitable company finance and reform, as well as other community issues like services for seniors, affordable housing, or commercial development.

Existing resources Making use of the people that are already here and helping the company in one way or another. The community groups that use the warehouse for sports and other activities during the off season, as well as, those who have received finance from the company are the prime targets in this category. They are already beneficiating from the company, it is now time to make it known by making them become the examples of the companies' interest in the community.

Outreach Frank communications The committee will instigate a team that will create a newsletter that will come out every week starting from the third month. The newsletter will talk mainly about the successes of the company in its field. So that to assure the employees that their jobs are secured. The newsletter will give details about what the company is doing in the community in which they live with their families.

Home Visits and Welcome Baby The company will be instigating visits to different homes of the employees, especially the low-income earnings ones, to help in anyway affordable by the company. The Public Realtions Officer will make it a must to send a bouquet or visit any new parent working on the company. It has to be noted that 35% of the employed staff at Kitchen on Wheels is female. Media Companies like Kitchen on Wheels can make use all types of media: newspapers, magazines, newsletters, radio, television, and the Internet to target various groups in the community.

Press releases According to the ministry, the public wants more substance from food and beverage retailers, including more reports about how health oriented they are, how they are innovating and where they can get the best deal with the least amount spent. Therefore it is great time at the fifth month for the committee to start giving a closer look to the relationship of the media and the company. After having targeted the right press, and the right programs and papers, and the right journalists, the committee will start sending them, press releases and telling them about the different performances of the company in the business but more important, towards the community.

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