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Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Telephone Mast at School

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I deliberated in finding you a result, never the less I will give you an unbiased view point and give you a pragmatic answer. Consequently I have prepared a list of bullet points for and against for the answer.


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  • Good phone signals are in place, so a teacher can easily contact others (via mobile phone) if the conditions are stormy.
  • If a phone mass was put into place, company's across the country would manufacture there businesses nearby, so all employees could conveniently access strong phone signals meaning Clayton would be popular village meaning a boost in local economy...
  • People would see Clayton as a more business friendly town, meaning more leisure prospects because companies might set up major offices and buildings...
  • Small towns may be transformed into a thriving city because a brilliant signals...
  • May bring protesters although they would need transport and accommodation therefore it puts money into the economy again.
  • If major company's construct big offices near by other people may be persuaded to create other things nearby to cater for the business men's every need for example coffee shops and luxury outlet stores for rich people who work in the offices...
  • If thriving company's start up in the town other buildings will come as well, for example the company may want a building nearby were they can host there website (lots of servers) so they don't have to travel far to maintain equipment, meaning that they will buy more land leading to estate agents and nearby people gaining lots of money, which will further more be pumped back into the economy...
  • If major company's set up in the nearby town, big companies such as BT etc will feel pressured not to have a office in the town because the town will be popular full of people.
  • More shops would appear because the town would be so popular meaning lots of people would buy products from there shop.
  • There is no real evidence to suggest that the EM radiation used in cellular communications is harmful.


  • There are fears that mobile phone masts present a threat to health, these fears begin with the warming of the brain direct from mobile phones, this leads onto the possible causes of cancer that come from phone masts e.g. brain tumours, this is the cause of microwave radiation.
  • You might have trouble sleeping as time goes on and you could be at risk from catching a brain tumour. Also if someone was to stand near a phone mast they might be at risk of catching the flu.
  • Seven different studies had concluded that mobile phones could increase the chances of both malignant and benign brain tumours'.
  • Can be seen as unattractive for example, if there is elegant view around the town the mast would instantly destroy it. Meaning that if the town is seen as a rural, it is no instantly transformed as an urban town.
  • Newcastle is aimed at older people (London is aimed at younger people) Therefore they will be against the change.

How It Works

Mobile phones work using radio signals in a similar way to radio and television. The system is based on geographic areas known as cells. When you make a call, your mobile phone sends a signal to the nearest base station that controls a cell. The base station then transmits the signal through mobile and fixed line networks to connect you.

Cells vary in size depending on location and demand. A large base station may be able to carry 100 to 150 calls simultaneously while a smaller one may only be able to carry around 30 calls. More base stations will be needed in areas where lots of people want to use their mobile phones. There are around 51,000 base stations in the UK, two-thirds of which are integrated into the design of existing buildings or structures.


This is a very debatable subject, however I hope the bullet points I have willingly provided have made it easier for me to make a strong decision... If I was put in charge of making this decision I would be for the telephone mast because it would bring major companies to Newcastle-under-Lyme which would be excellent for the economy, There are about 70 million mobile phones in use in the UK which of whom need to base stations, this is why one should be made in Newcastle because they have to be made!

People may protest and rebel about this although this wouldn't matter too much because after a while people will forget. If we did put a telephone mast in Newcastle there is a chance that Newcastle under Lyme could be completely transformed for the best! Some major disadvantages would be that it could cause harm towards the civilians and that the change could anger the more older public because they might not like thriving city's and prefer the quite villages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Having a Telephone Mast at School essay

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