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Graduate School

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I have had many dreams about my future and where I would go in life. In all my dreams I do in fact attend graduate school. This is so because I would like to attain a job that requires more than just a four year degree, so that I may receive a high paying salary. The benefits from an advanced degree are numerous. I would like to obtain an advanced degree because unlike undergraduate school, graduate school is more of a narrower field of study. The schooling may be more difficult and more work but I do think it will pay off in the end. As a graduate student I will develop clearer goals as to what I want for my future.

As a graduate student I will create many opportunities for myself to receive practical experience in my field of study. Learning in an atmosphere where the professors and other students love my field of study just as much as I do will be truly refreshing. It is also no secret that most companies look for advanced education beyond a bachelor’s degree because a graduate degree is more prominent. With a graduate degree I will most likely earn a considerably higher salary than if I just settle with a bachelor’s degree. I would like to succeed in my lifetime to become wealthy.

With an advanced degree I will have opportunities for advancement over than I solely had my bachelor’s degree. I would like to be one day be a hospital administrator or a manager of my branch. Having an advanced education will help me achieve this goal. I have a dream of becoming a successful person that will have financial stability. I would love to eventually earn a graduate degree that will help me further my career. I would love to earn a degree that will give me more mobility in my career. There will be more hard work and effort put forth in an advanced degree but after all the time is put in the rewards will be great.

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