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Good Organization in Business Writing

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When it comes to business, everything must be kept formal and serious in order to achieve acceptable results or outputs. There is no room for error: everything is crucial as it is, as it affects the business either positively or negatively. This is applicable in all aspects of business, not only in the advertising, production, or marketing aspects but also in the simplest sense, business messages. Business messages are important because it conveys information about the business, whether in written or in verbal form.

This is why it is important that in order to write effective business messages, good organization skills are necessary. Business messages by definition, seeks to convince the reader that what is being said is true, and is a reliable matter (Purdue University Writing Lab, 2007). At times, it aims to persuade the reader regarding an action to take, or think about something in a certain way the giver of the message desires.

It is important to have organizational skills at this point so that what you are writing coincides with the thought you want to convey to your intended reader (OrganizationalSkillsFacts. com, 2007). If what you wrote seemed ambiguous and lacks proper organization, then there is a high possibility of your message being misunderstood. This would surely affect the outcome you are expecting for the purpose of sending the message. In writing business messages, you should be direct to the point as much as possible to avoid any confusion.

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But you should also keep in mind that you are persuading your reader to a certain line of thought or a course of action, so the message you are writing should be clear and properly organized (Speakshop, 2008). When it comes to business, there really is not much room for errors. When it comes to writing business messages, in order to avoid errors, it is important to have good organization skills, because it is the key to achieving a clear and well-organized message that you wish to deliver to a certain audience or reader.


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