The requisite of a good research in making a good paper

In doing this paper, I found the researching more grueling. It is definitely not easy to find out more about the history of Dublin and how they were subjugated by the Britain force. That history is abounding with details that need not only an understanding from the surface. I also had to establish the correlation between these historical facts and the literatures of James Joyce which he wrote to reflect these facts. Meticulous research on James Joyce, his biography and his works, were also needed.

I needed that to see the personal context where Joyce was coming from in doing Dubliners, the book which I chose to use in this paper. The difficulty of research is certainly coming from the fact that I have to inform myself with various details which I had to put under a careful interpretation. This interpretation needs to be done to see exactly how literature asserts its presence in the material world where separate events maintained by different groups of people also exist.

Once I have collated the details I gathered, all that is left for me to do is to streamline and organize these details and see the corpus of information I currently have. From there, I already did my outline which finally gave direction to the paper I wrote. Writing the actual paper is not really hard since I am already equipped with a good amount of information which I have already organized.

Once I begun facing the computer monitor, the words I needed instantly come into light and I suddenly found myself done with the paper. In conclusion, doing the research is much harder since this is the first step in doing a well-informed paper. This part of the writing process will determine the information that will be included in the final paper. Definitely, a good paper selects the information it will share and a scrupulous research is needed to refine this selection of information.

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The requisite of a good research in making a good paper
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