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The Importance of Good Writing

It can not be underestimated the power of good writing.I recently read an Article by Anthony Balderrama that talked about just this subject.Whether you are trying to keep a job, get a job or just maintain a job, he stresses the importance of being a good writer without being a detriment to yourself and all around you.

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With the advent of twitter, text messaging and blogging , he states that many of us have lost our abilities to formulate a great sentence and put it on paper without using slang words or run on sentences.

Mr. Balderrama doesn’t just single out those of us who may not be world class writer but he also speaks to those with the Shakespearian flare for formality sending warnings such as “If you treat every correspondence with too much formality, that will be more noticeable than the content. So sometimes “Hi” is a better way to open a message than “Salutations. “”. The article has a few anecdotes of people who tell their stories of how they have received a good job due to their better than normal writing skills.

Better still those who have opened up more doors and opportunities for themselves and others with good writing skills. Finally Mr. Balderrama gives us four point in which to live our written life by 1) Proofread, Proofread, Proofread. 2)Pay close attention to your emails they have more value than you know. 3) When it comes to being a good writer be careful of those you correct and how you correct them. 4) Know how to communicate to a multitude of people, not just one genre or group of people.

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