Corruption in Malaysia

Last Updated: 23 Mar 2023
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Composition of Forum

The teachers and classmates. As of this morning we are thankful for another opportunity to discuss social problems which I think is more chronic in the absence of drastic measures taken to address them. Without delay time, let me introduce the panel members, which left me was his right split B and C are the relative Title of the forum this morning is "the problem of corruption in Malaysia. " Next, I call our first panel, the relative B provides definitions of corruption and its characteristics.

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Brother B: hi and thank you chairman. Web-based anti-corruption commission (MAC), corruption is an act that involves giving and receiving of money or specific goods with intent to prevent the action taken or receive privileges. Corrupt practices involving all levels of society whether in public or private sector. Which kind of support will be in the form of material, such as money, cars and houses, and forms of entertainment such as women.

Brother C: According to the Prime Minister, Dates Series Abdullah Madam Bawd described the corruption as a cancer and if left unchecked will cause a government collapse and thereby tarnish the image in the eyes of the international.

Chairman: We have been clear on the issue of corruption. Now what are the opinions of our panel members about the causes of corruption?

Brother B: My chairman. Let me put in a bit. The main cause is peer influence. When I saw my colleagues being corrupt and enjoy the luxuries of life without any action, a person would be tempted to accept bribes.

Stress at work is able to interfere with feelings, especially if senior officers were also involved. Without thinking, one that will be easily affected and were corrupt because they want to quickly enjoy the luxury of living in this mortal world.

Chairman: C Maybe you want to add an opinion on the cause of corruption?

Brother C: Chairman, I agree with you B. In addition, the law in our country are causing many poor people are not afraid of the punishment imposed.

For example, legal action is considered a light punishment to the culprits of corruption as impaired with the number of corruption are taken by them have given a negative outlook on the capabilities of our Judicial system to address this issue. In addition, the lighter sentence is said to be motivated to certain parties to take the risk of corruption because the recipient is aware that coffee money they are able to enjoy

Chairman: Thank you C, I hope we can all work together to prevent corruption and do not embarkation rooted in the minds of the people of Malaysia. Moreover, the problem is more serious.

What is his relation to B steps to overcome?

Brother B: Government should Meghan attitude of civil servants and the private for more trust and responsibility. The slogan "Clean, Efficient and Trustworthy" introduced by former Prime Minister Tuna Dry. Empathic Mohammad should be embraced by all public and private sector. Service counters have been introduced in all government offices to avoid the practice of giving and receiving "coffee money. " Bureaucracy should also be reduced or eliminated to create more efficient and effective. This was never raised by the Honorable Prime Minister in his speech in Parliament recently.

Chairman: Thank you. It appears that you have something to C is pronounced. Please.

Brother C: The government should enforce laws for the public aware of how dangerous and serious problem of corruption, if not eradicated, and are confined to national security. Penalties are more severe Jail terms provided in the Anti-Corruption Commission (MAC) 2009 Parliament passed the new recently slogan can be daunting. The court also suggested that the maximum punishment. More power to act against people who refuse to cooperate den the MAC also can change the attitude of the hemp that has refused to cooperate.

Whistler's should be rewarded. They should also get protection from the authorities.

Chairman: Thank you C, and I think we are at the end of the forum. In summary, I think the problem of corruption in our country is a serious problem and needs to be addressed immediately. Therefore, I urge all parties to helping the government address this problem. In addition, let me express my gratitude to the highest members of the panel. However, what could I do not allow us time to talk further. Thank you. Is there any wrong word or sentences in this essays?

Please help me.. BTW I'm from Malaysia

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