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Multi-culture is one of the biggest strengths that Malaysian Tourism has because we have 3 main different cultures living together which is Malays, Chinese and Indian. Besides that, we also have other culture in Sabah and Sarawak which is Iban, Kadanzan and other which make our country is a multi culture country. Due to we have multi culture, we also have variety of food from different culture. Malaysia has variety of foods like Malays, Chinese, Indian, Nyonya food and many more.

This had been able to attract the tourism and this also become one of the strength that Malaysian Tourism has. Tourist had been able to experiences different culture and food. Moreover, we also have many celebration of festival with different religion also attracts tourism to join our cultural festival. This can be the main point in attracting the tourism to explore our festival. Another strength that we have is the language ability. Malaysia is a country that widely speaks English which enable the tourist can easily ask question. Most of Malaysia people can speak well in English compare to Japan and Korea. This had enabled us able to communicate with the tourist. Besides that, we also have multi languages which are Malay, English, Mandarin and Cantonese which also allow Malaysia able to communicate with tourist from China and Hong Kong.

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This can attract many kinds of people in different country to visit us where communications are flexible to suits many people. On the other words, we can attract different country people since our language ability is good. Besides that, we also have an outstanding nature where we have the natural beauties that haven’t seen before which we have the tropical forest that Singapore doesn’t have and the lake, mountain and pristine islands. In our tropical rainforest, we have many types of rare plants which attracted the tourist. Compare to other country, we have the comparative advantages which is we have the world heritage landing where our rainforest is under the heritage of the world and had been stated that the best rainforest in the South East Asia. This had given us the comparative advantages in promoting the VMY 2014. Besides that, we also have many other places that are in the list of the heritage which other neighbor country like Singapore, Indonesia and Thailand does not have. In all those, we have another opportunity where we are the Islam country. Although Indonesia is also consider as Islam country but they did not have the comparative advantages that we have. Besides that, the multi-culture also become a comparative advantages for us if compare to Indonesia. Weakness

On the other hand, Malaysia also has the weakness which is the service quality service people may sometime need to improve. One of the main weakness of the attitude problem is the taxi service where there did not have completely satisfaction. Several times, there have news that, some tourist had complaint about the taxi services. All this is a weakness for the will affect the tourism industry where attitude is the weakness. Moreover some taxi in Malaysia is old and not clean that will make the tourism feel unsatisfied. Another weakness of Malaysian tourism is the transportation. Transportation is one of major issue because the infrastructure of Malaysia is not fully convenient. Unlike other country like Korea, Japan and Hong Kong, they have convenience transportation in the city for the tourist where they can go to the place easily. Besides that, Malaysia hygiene also need to improve where the toilet need to be clean at every place example like train station, bus station and highway R&R. All this is a weakness for the tourism because hygiene is the most important request by the people not only the tourist.


The weakness of Malaysia is that new rival in the tourism industry such as the neighbor country Singapore, they are the new rival because now they have an uprising in tourism industry after they have two casinos which is Marine Sands Bay and Sentosa. Besides that, they also have the Universal Studio which attracts the family travelers also. With the uprising from Singapore shows the weakness side of Malaysia where the attraction of the visitors will be more focusing on the worldwide tourism attraction like Singapore. While other country likes Thailand they also are the rival because they have the title like shopping paradise. They have the same promotion that we have since we have the shopping mall and other promote on shopping but the improvement of Malaysia seems to be slowing down due the factors of government policy. The neighbor country sometimes had become a competition for us to improve.

2. Discuss the critical factors for the successful implementation of Visit Malaysia 2014 plan.(7M) (problem) The critical factors to implement Visit Malaysia 2014 plan is the tourism package. To successfully implement the Visit Malaysia 2014, they need a complete tourism package that successful rural tourism communities have created the right mix of businesses for tourism, including adequate lodging, restaurants, shops where tourists can spend money locally, and a group of attractions that draw tourism. The development of a complete tourism package will not only attract tourists, but will encourage visitors to stay, spend money, and most importantly come back. If there did not have a full and complete package then the VMY 2014 will not success.

Example when the package of tourism can fulfill the needs and wants of the tourist this can make them want to stay. When we have different kind of packages to fulfill different kind of tourist, this is the complete tourism package that Malaysia tourism can give. The second factor is the support of the government. It is important to have local government support for tourism development. Local government can provide assistance with funding for tourism development and promotion to help this campaign become successful. Besides that, the creation and maintenance of infrastructure necessary for tourism example roads airports, railways, boat launches, reliable water and power services, and zoning and beautification programs. All this need the support from the government because if this did not done then the tourist may somehow feel cheated cause the promotion of the campaign and the reality is different. Moreover, government also can give support by giving training and educational programs for tourism business, employees in business-related firms and other persons working in tourist industries. If the VMY 2014 did not have the government support then VMY will not success.

Example like infrastructure needs the support of the government to keep on maintenance. If they did not maintain the infrastructure then the campaign promotion will be very different with the reality. The third factor is strategic planning of the VMY 2014. In rural areas where resources are limited, strategic planning is fundamental for the efficient and effective use of resources and funds.

Planning for tourism development and promotion can help develop and support local businesses connected to tourism and facilitate coordination among the key development partners in the community. Strategic planning for tourism development cannot be independent from other community development initiatives. Most business and public sectors of the community are integrated with the tourism industry. Therefore, it is critical to strive for community development goals within the framework of the tourism strategic plan. If there did not have the strategic planning for the development then the place in the country will be very different and this will give them a different feeling and approach. Furthermore, coordination and cooperation between business persons and local leadership is also one of the factors.

For tourism development and planning to work, coordination and cooperation between local government and businesses is critical. Rural communities have developed strong personnel networks yet, coordination and cooperation between local government and the business community do not always occur easily. Public sector activities to promote tourism will not work without the cooperation from local firms. Similarly, local government development efforts will not thrive without private sector involvement. The coordination and cooperation is the important factors that want to make VMY 2014 success because without all the department cooperation the VMY 2014 will not work and function.

3. Discuss the various methods of promoting Visit Malaysia Year 2014 in the Middle East market.(15M) In Malaysia tourism, we always have the advantages in promoting Malaysia to the Middle East market because we are the Islam country and many of the food are suitable for them. In order to attract more Middle East tourist, we have some types of method in able to promote Malaysia. The first method is using internet. Nowadays, technology have become part of the lifestyles so in order Middle East country people can know the promotion so Tourism Malaysia should launch online tour packages with interactive app which will allow traveler to surf online to find more information on tourist destinations, book flights and hotels and get the best travel deals and packages. This will enable Middle East tourist found easy to search for information. Besides that, the infrastructure map also can be in the Google map which makes them easy to find them. The map they can make the apps language as Arabic words because this will even make them easier to understand and used the apps. The restaurant which is halal also can show on the map so they can easily find the restaurant.

The second method is that Tourism Malaysia should generate more publicity for Malaysia. The publicity they can use is by promoting Malaysia uniqueness through Middle East television, radio and other social media. This is one of the ways to attract them come to our country. Besides that, Malaysia also can arrange meetings with travel agents in the Middle East to discuss business opportunities as well as sharing with them our latest tourism developments. If the local had help to promote our country then this will make the implementation of Visit Malaysia 2014 become more effective. Moreover, Malaysia also can use the celebrity like Siti Nurhaliza and Datuk Michelle Yeoh as the tourism ambassador which may attract more tourists from Middle East. Due to their fame, this may increase the attention to our country tourism.

Malaysia also had secured the first spot as world’s top Muslim-friendly holiday destination in a survey in January 2013. Malaysia was awarded 8.3 on a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 as the best score. As such, this will be an added advantage for our team to promote in an Islamic country. This title is given by the world and this will make us had more reason to promote in Middle East as there are not many countries had the multi-culture like Malaysia. Malaysia have one comparative advantages that we have is that Malaysia having retain its first place position as the most halal / Muslim friendly holiday destination in Crescentrating’s Halal Friendly Travel rating 2013. It will be definitely added comparative advantages in the South East Asia region.

According to immigration department record, the travelers from Middle East (Emirati travelers) mostly are leisure guests and family travelers. Therefore the third method is that our Tourism Ministry should focus at marketing some of our leisure attractions like World Kite Festival, the Water festival Malaysia, Mega Sale Carnival, Johor Premium Outlet and etc. All this can attract the Middle East Tourist that seek for leisure because they want to have a place which have Halal food but still can have the leisure that they can enjoy. Malaysia is a place for them. Besides that, Tourism Ministry should also promote some of our new leisure products including theme parks such as Sanrio Hello Kitty Park, Legoland, The Little Big Club and Kidzania due to a huge numbers are family travelers. All this will add a new attraction to Malaysia Tourism.

They can promote by using Genting Highlands because there is a place that they can have both leisure and entertainment. Genting Highlands theme parks are a place that for entertainment and also a place for leisure which they can shopping so there is a place that attracts them. The forth method to promote Malaysia Tourism is that we can have more international event like F1 or Moto GP event. All this is an event that shows globally and this will attract not only Middle East attention but also the world attention to Malaysia through this event. Moreover, this not only attracts attention but also can make the Malaysia fame. Example our twin tower is the beginning of Malaysia known by the world because they are the symbol which represents us. All this can increases the fame of the country and also add an attraction for the country. The fifth method to promote Malaysia is whereby Malaysia can allow movie filming in our country to attract more tourism. By letting Middle East film production film movie in our country. When they watch the movie, they will know our place better and will have attention through the movie.

Having Malaysia beautiful scenery or Malaysia symbol in the movie will attract more Middle East people to come over to Malaysia. In the meantime, allow filming in Malaysia will also brings a lot of Middle East youngster people to visit Malaysia whereby their country’s famous actor have stop by in Malaysia. The sixth method on promoting Malaysia to the Middle East country is by leveraging the prestige of the world wide exhibition to showcase Malaysia’s attractions and strengthen the relation with world traveler players. With Malaysia strategic efforts enable Malaysia a preferred destination. Therefore, government should impose the facilities and easement to the Middle East visitor when arrive Malaysia by providing signage and Arabic speaking staff in the airport to guide them accordingly. With the facilities provided will attract more visitors from the Middle East country where they feel comfort and easement of the arrangement.

The last but not least which is that the Ministry should also meet up with regional airlines in the Middle East to have more flight frequencies to Malaysia. When having more flight between two countries this will enable them to come to our country at any time ad more alternatives time to choose. With the cooperation of the government and the companies is a very important role and method to promote Malaysia to Middle East country. If without the support from the government we should not be able to success. In promoting Malaysia, government had play an important role because they are the main point whether VMY will success.

4. What benefits can the VMY 2014 campaign bring about to the country – Malaysia?(8M) The first benefit is actually bringing economic growth for Malaysia. A successful campaign in bringing more tourists into Malaysia and visit the viewpoints of Malaysia will also bring in other country’s interest to do investment. This will increase the economy growth of Malaysia by attracting more tourist and also investor. The economic will grow because of tourism when they spend in Malaysia. Strategy adopted to strengthen the tourism industry is by promoting Malaysia into one of Asian favorite shopping destination. For example, development of distinguish shopping malls such as Suria KLCC, Pavilion, Star Hill and etc which offers variety of products and brands from all over the world. This strategy will benefit Malaysia because they are spending and this will improve the economic growth. In the meantime, while tourist riding on tourism bloggers and travelers they will also come across our country to do investment in order to get profit. The involvement of our country’s holding the international events for example meeting, convention and exhibition.

It leads to a high potential for generating high economic return in tourism sector. It also will attract foreign visitors either as delegates, participants, supporters, teams or audience which will bring in high standing business travelers who are willing to spend on accommodations, services and high quality products. We also have a program adopted to promote Malaysia which is to encourage foreigners to own properties and live in Malaysia “This Malaysia, My Second Home”. This program attracted the most from China, Bangladesh, Britain and Singapore. Tourism Business increase since Malaysia started Tourism industry from the early 1970, it has now become the second highest foreign exchange earner for us. With the government involvement in the tourism related activities, more investment from the private sector has influence a healthy economic growth. Malaysian government have given financial funding and prepared incentives to the private sectors and task has support works and jobs opportunities for many types of tourism related industry. For example, Tourism Infrastructure Fund (TIF) whereby it related to support improvement of public amenities, upgrade and beautify tourism viewpoints as well as restoration of historical buildings. The second benefit is increases the fame of Malaysia.

Having this campaign the main point is to introduce Malaysia to the world in order they come to here to visit. So this campaign will gain the fame for Malaysia if the campaign is successful. When more foreign tourist comes, they will also recommend their friends and family come to visit and this will expand the Malaysia name to the world. All the strategies that they used are to increase the fame of Malaysia in order people will come to our country.

Example before we have PETRONAS twins tower Malaysia is unknown country but after the tower become a place to visit and Malaysia also known by the world. The third benefit is foreign exchange. Foreign tourists change their foreign currency into local currency to pay their tourism experience. As a result, the host country has more foreign currency to spend on its own needs, such as providing better medical and educational facilities and stimulate general economic development. At the same time, in balance of payment terms, tourism expenditure is viewed as being equivalent to export income for traveler receiving countries. Conversely, tourism expenditure amounts to an import cost for visitor generating countries. Overall, this had benefits Malaysia as we have more foreign currency preserve.

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