Spending Habits of Students

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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What are the possible solutions that students must do to overcome/to control their spending habits? What is the main factor that affects the students spending habits? Introduction: Spending money is a habitual work of people, it can't be avoid because our world is full of price tag, but every stage of a person has its own habits in spending money. In this research, students will be the main topic in spending money.

One day millionaire!!! That is how students practice their spending habits. These habits developed mostly during college. By then, students receive bigger allowance from their parents. This is the time when young men and women start to make decisions on their own. Students all over the world spend in several different ways; most students prioritize their school needs rather than their wants which affect their spending habits.

What can be the possible solutions for the students to overcome or to control their spending habits? What can be the main factor that affects the students spending habits? Students must learn how to handle their finances. They have to know the value of money even in its little amount. They have to develop positive spending habit; otherwise, it will be a future problem for him/her because he/she spends the money In an incorrect way.

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