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The South American Country Economics Essay

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This paper is concerned with the economic consideration of one of the South American states and analyzes the impact of an economic concern on that peculiar South American state that has been chosen and identifies the tendency of the economic concern with in specified part on the footing of informations sets accumulate from the beginning. The south American states has major impact on American economic system and the economic concern of one of an of import state raise our organic structure of cognition sing the economic tendency in that peculiar state and its impact on overall economic system every bit good.

South American State

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The economic system of South America consists of 12 states with three districts and comprise of 6 % of population in the universe. I have choose Brazil among other South American states as Brazil is the largest South American state and

Brazil is one of the fastest turning economic systems of the universe. It is ranked at 5th topographic point in the universe sing population and geographical part and fifth largest economic system sing GDP in the universe. The economic concern of Brazil is efficaciously contributes to universe economic system and interesting tendency of economic system can be seen. ( Abreu, 2005 ) .

Economic Concern

Among four economic concern including GDP, measures of specific

Goods and services gross Domestic Product & A ; Acirc ; ( GDP ) , and unemployment rising prices I have selected rising prices. Inflation is an of import economic concern that will consequence the economic system in great extend and rising prices rate of a state economic system is an of import index for a state growing prospective. Inflation means rise in the general monetary value degree of the state and loss the existent value of money as fewer trade goods will purchase with each extra unit of currency.

Inflation straight associate to the economic productiveness and has positive and negative both consequence on economic system as it create economic uncertainness which may deter salvaging and investing. High monetary values of general trade goods and billboard will be its largest disadvantage. In positive sense it may promote not pecuniary investing. But the rising prices rate demands to be control in order to prolong state economic system.

Inflation tendency in Brazil

The rising prices rate in Brazil is fluctuating over the old ages. No consistent tendency can be seen in the rising prices rate Acs past twelvemonth informations support this premise. Harmonizing to the informations displayed by ( IPCA ) in 2002 the rising prices rate was 12.53 % that is rather high rate. Then the diminishing tendency of rising prices rate can be seen in Brazil economic system as 9.3 % in 2003, 7.6 % in 2004, 5.69 % in 2005, and 3.14 % in 2006 that is least in this decennary. Then the little increasing tendency can be seen in rate of rising prices. 4.46 % can be seen in 2007 and 5.91 in 2008. The fluctuating tendency can be seen in this scope in coming old ages every bit good. ( Inflation Statistical tabular array )

Past two old ages Inflation Trend

Past two old ages monthly rising prices rate tendency can be seen from this graph that shows the monthly frequence of the rising prices rate. The graph bars shows the tendency of rising prices from twelvemonth 2011 that is 6.01 % . The increasing incline can be seen from March, 2011 up to October, 2011. Inflation rate at the month of October is the highest that is 7.31 % . Then the control execution on rising prices increasing tendency can be seen from 7.31 % to the deep low rate at 4.92 % in July, 2012 that is complemented to Brazil economic system. The upward Trent at semi one-year bases can be seen in Brazil economic system. The last recorded rising prices rate of 6.15 % that is rather high. Brazil authorities mark rising prices rate is 4.5 % with the asset and subtraction tolerance border of 2 % in it. The high rising prices tendency is of import consideration for the authorities as increasing rising prices rate impact the economic system in deep roots and do the investing and salvaging hard. Peoples buying power will be effected that will consequence their criterion of life and indulge the poorness degree in the state as trade goods will be hard to buy with even more money in manus because due to rising prices state will lose its existent money value. ( De Paiva Abreu, 2005 ) .

Harmonizing to IBGE study it is recorded from 1980 the Brazil rising prices tendency has gone through assorted fluctuations. Historical information shows norm of 411.8 % Brazil rising prices rate that reached at highest rate of rising prices of 6821.3 % in April 1990 that was the highest rate for all clip. The low rising prices rate of 1.7 per centum was found in December 1998. The step used to cipher rising prices is consumer monetary value index. Brazil of import part in consumer monetary value index are baccy, nutrient and intoxicant that covers 31 % of entire, 15 per centum by conveyance sector and communicating carries 5 % . . ( Brazil Inflation Rate )

Statistical Evidence comparing assorted states rising prices rate

Inflation Rate of assorted states is demoing the Brazil high rate of rising prices as comparison to other states except India that has the rising prices Rate o f 6.62. An increasing tendency is rather endangering for Brazilian authorities for economic growing and required close consideration to command the rate in hereafter in order to stabilise the economic system.


The Inflation rate and economic stableness are closely related to one another and required near concern in order to stabilise the economic system. Brazil increasing tendency provide the threatening for its hereafter concerns and shows that the authorities demand to closely see this government in order to stabilise the economic system and to accomplish the economical growing in the universe.

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