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Appointment with Love

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Appointment with Love This is a short romantic story about a young lieutenant Blandford and a lady, Hollis Meynell, who had fallen in love with each other. The author shows us the possibility of existence of a real strong relationships even through a great distance and the fact that two people can be very close to each other even having never seen one another. The young lieutenant Blandford served during the war time in the air forces , while once he run across some witty notes made by a woman in the book which he had taken from the army library .

He contacted her later and it so happened that she had had the power to reach inside of him through writing and renew his strength even from a far. They had been in touch, through writing, during thirteen month. This time the woman, who was 30, supported and inspired the lieutenant and they both trusted their true inner feelings to each other. At last the young people decided to meet ,personally, when the lieutenant was back from the Army, at the train station in New York city.

They both agreed that Hollis would identify him through the book "Of Human Bondage" and Hollis, would wear a red rose in her suit lapel, because actually, they did not know how which one of them looked like. Now the young lieutenant was waiting for this woman in Grand Central Station and worried a lot. They knew about each other only from their own words. The first woman he saw was a beautiful lady, wearing a green suit but unfortunately, she had no red rose on her jacket, as it was in their agreement.

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Then he turned around and saw a middle aged and unattractive woman who had, to his disappointment and chagrin, a red rose in her jacket’s lapel. For the young lieutenant that was the moment of truth. A lot of thoughts and feelings had flown throughout his mind and his heart like a hurricane during that dreadful moment but at last he somehow managed to control himself and moved towards her. He decided that no matter what would become with their relationship to stay friends with that woman , thinking that if so, their good friendship, for that matter, could be more valuable than love.

He approached and greeted the lady and then asked for permission to take her to dinner. But was pleased to hear that she is not the one he was waiting for. She told him that Hollis had asked her to be her substitute for a little while and to wear the rose in her suit lapel so that she could test whether Blanford's feelings and intentions were really sincere. The main idea of the story is that if you love someone, you should love them for what they really are, and not for what they look like.

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