My Ideal Partner Life

An ideal husband would be a person who is an ideal companion. Does it appear that I am running around in circles? I hope it does not. Through the traditional role of a husband is different from that of a wife,the qualities of a person are not sex-oriented,they are person-oriented. What do I want in the person I marry? My list may be a long one but it is sound in its priorities. I want the man I choose as a husband to be generous,to have a sense of humor and to be trusting and trustworthly. I would like to build our relationship on affection and respect and on complete frankness.

A tall order? Let me explain myself. Affection and respect put together are the essence of love. They are more durable than the euphoria of romantic love linked to physical attraction. It is true that beauty contributes a great deal towards life’s pleasantness,but unreflecting,unthinking beauty has nothing to recommend itself. Respect in relationship is very importand,and note I mean respect ,note awe or fear or any other feeling but respect which includes self-respect and can be stretched a long way to cover the crevices or feelings.

I would like my future husband to be frank with me and to discuss financial,emotional and other problems with me. for if there is any ground on which I cannot thread, or any occasion when I find the door closed against me,or any time when whispered conversation take place,or papers and letters are kept away,or I look askance and don’t get a reply, then there a lies the beginning distrust and rift. A marriage is a companionship,it extends into old age and can mature into a relationship where words need not be exchanged and still complete understanding my exist.

It is a relationship which cannot be built on lies or half-truths. When I use the word ‘frank’ I do not only mean emotional friendship through they too are included. Is it not more grateful that my friends of the days when I was not yet married be known to my husband than that I spring a surprise on him or leave him to work his imagination in different directions? Similarly I would like to know about my husband’s friends-men and women.

Frankness should extend to all money matters. I should know (and so should be) what our economics position is. A marriage is the basic of family,it grows and matures and strengthens over the years. It cannot do so when the partner concerned pull in different directions. A home is aplace where on feels there should be uneasiness,no appearances to maintain, where one should feel free to express onself and one’s own true self. This is possible if there is some basic enerosity in the members of the family for generosity backs up the desire to understand,to be less critical and more forgiving in one’s approach. Don’t you know that a grim man is stern and unforgiving? There are numerous little problems which can be laughed away. At times this capacity to take things lightly,to see the funny side of an otherwise grim situation may cement a relationship much more than anything else. Laughter keeps one young. It is the best medicine. So let’s live and laugh together.

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My Ideal Partner Life
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