Blind Faith Impedes Social Development

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Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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Now a days It Is common sight to see people running behind priests and panda's and following their doctrines and principles as If It were a pathway to one's heavenly adobe. But, unfortunately little do they know that they are actually taking advantage of their love for god or for a religion. Yes my friends, we live in a society where blind faith is dominating one's life and suppressing his social growth . In the older days faith used to be trustworthy and sincere tribute to one's god or to a certain religion, but as In politics corruption has also slipped its way through into faith.

Hence people allow these blind faiths and prevent their social development. Faith Is confidence or trust In d person, thing, deity, or In the doctrines or teachings of d religion . But due to the unfair means of practice of It, It has lead to the birth of blind faith. Blind faith Is the unconditional love for a god or religion no matter what they have to pay for It. This blind faith has caused a huge downfall in the society. A large sector to the population has already been exploited by this phenomena, and this has caused social development to almost cease.

If this is to continue then the world will one day ND up being ruled by these false priest and bandits. This must stop at once for the social well being of the people and the rise of our nation. Hence in all due respect of the diverse culture of India I personally think that India Is socially backwards due to prevalence of blind faith. In religion, faith often Involves accepting claims about the character of a deity, nature, or the universe. While some have argued that faith Is opposed to reason, proponents to faith argue that the proper domain to faith concerns questions which cannot be settled by evidence.

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