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Having a chance to watch the movie entitled, The 3 Idiots, made me change what I see and think of about life. It changed who I am now, and it changed how I live my life. It's very an inspirational movie and it really gives us different moral lessons about different aspects in life. Dealing with a career, friendships, professors, problems and most importantly family. After watching this movie, all I can say is, "All is Well. " This movie really made me hit me on my head real hard to finally realize how life would be fun without thinking too such of the problems.

The concept of movie is very well conveyed to the audience who watched it, of course it really shows how one would deal with life. Dealing with career is quite hard. I mean, thinking on which road to take: what your parents want for you to make them happy, or what you really want to make you happy. It's hard to choose between those but all you have to do is to choose whatever you will not regret at the end, and which can really make you happy in the end. Dealing with professors. All professors are different in their own. And we have to at least understand and give respect.

Since, they are our professor, they are Just there to guide us to be successful in the road we've took. Dealing with problems. They say, "Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem. " Yeah, it's true, nowadays, people tend to commit suicide because of the problems in life but it is a murder to commit suicide. It's a sin to kill yourself. Life is full of choice and it all depends on you whether to be happy of not. Dealing with Family. They are the ones who guides us in almost every road we take and we should never ever fail them 'cause we know they are the only ones who can ally help us stand to be more successful.

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Dealing with friends. This movie is really all about friends. Friends are the ones who could really help you change yourself and become stronger more than ever they will help you in a way that you will never ever forget. After watching 3 idiots, Vive realize these things and it is a really great movie to show to everyone and be inspired in their life and think of positive things. This movie will help you be an optimist and see life on a brighter side. His movie is quite funny, and it will not get you bore. It will make you laugh till you cry and will make you cry and touch your hearts.

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