Little Prince Reaction Paper

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The Little Prince "It is only with the heart that one can see rightly. What is essential Is invisible to the eye. " This line struck me the most in this book because it is definitely real. It is Important to see things not only through the eyes but through the heart as well. Seeing through the heart is like looking at life with love. Life has many problems and by seeing things differently, it would make everything feel better. Looking at things in a different perspective creates a big difference.

People usually tend to take for ranted those people who love them. They usually look for others whom they do not really love. But whom they want. I learned a lot of things from this book because it is all about the adventure of a little prince who went to different planets to forget about his rose and the people he met in his journey. Including the narrator. He learns the secret of the importance of life on planet Earth. The book also emphasizes the difference between the minds of the children and adult.

The adult tend to see things in a different way that coincides tit the point of view of the children. In the case of the narrator, his childhood was lonely because he dreamed of becoming a painter but he failed because the adults saw his drawings in a different perspective. He was disheartened by this and so he gave up his dream. The little prince had a different problem. He left the love of his life, the rose, In his planet. When he went to Earth, he saw a garden full of roses. He felt betrayed by his love because the rose told him that it was unique and one and only rose.

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He was disheartened but when he met a fox who made him realize that the rose was his rose because he loves it and so it was unique from all the rest. Another important lesson that I learned from the book Is that people should learn how to value friendship. Some people tend to forget some people who made an important mark in their lives. Having a true friend is rare and we all know that money cannot buy love and friendship. One of the lines in the book supports this idea. "men have no more time to understand anything. They buy things all ready made at the shops.

But there is no shop anywhere where one can buy friendship, and so men have no friends anymore... " These close ties would make us happy because we need people who care for us and also we need to care for someone. Just like the little prince and the fox he met on earth, when the former tamed the latter, he felt responsible for the fox. When the little prince had to go already, the fox was sad because he was already attached to the prince. The little prince was unhappy because the fox wanted to cry and that he thought he only wasted the fox's time.

The tofu eel important. I learned that caring for people is essential because it would make both parties happy. The feeling that someone loves you and someone wants to be with you is a very happy feeling that no one wants to live without. As a whole, this book gave me many ideas and realizations that I would treasure in my whole life. I realized that is should not take for granted the people who loves me dearly. I learned the value of friendship and preserving them. And lastly, I learned to see things in a different perspective by looking things from my heart.

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