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Relationship paper: Overview

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My expectations from our friendship was a lot because she was very important me almost as to consider her like my sister. I expected to get proven that true friends do exist and that no matter what, she would be by my side. She has proven that to me and everyone knew we were best friends. Due to the way she was with me, I always had mentality that best friends last forever. I get really attached to people and sometimes scared to ever lose anyone close to me. My friendship with her relates a lot to the METHOD because that's exactly what occurred in the same order.

As our friendship progressed, every year there would be periods of time where we "thought" we were mad at each other because of lack of communication at times. If I ever felt sad I always contacted or cached out to her first, I would wait and see If she would do the same and It went vice versa. It was freshman year when our school schedule changed and effected our friendship. Our classes were so distant from each other and we no longer shared lockers. She was part of the cheer team and so that took up most of her time.

Plus, she met a lot of new girls and spend more time with them. My expectations changed and I understood that it was time consuming but communication went both ways. Most of the time I felt like I was the only one that made effort. Some investments I made were going to watch her perform. I paid and attended almost every game and I knew she appreciated that. That showed a lot about my person and I knew she felt proud to have me around as well. This was continuous throughout high school and soon enough it became a habit.

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I accepted the change and it then became normal. In a way we were too needy for each other so the space was much needed. 2. Some ways that we have communicated nonverbally are using symbols. We would always wear matching Jewelry that signified our friendship. We did almost everything the same, always matched with clothing as well. Some nonverbal expressions included a lot of looks. If we were ever in an awkward situation, we always gave each other a look that showed we felt uncomfortable or any clue to go.

We knew what looks we gave each other meant right away. A lot of friendships that are strong and last long, depend on nonverbal communication. The quality of my friendship with her always improved because we could easily read each other, and understand the emotions behind each other's words. The way you respond to someone nonverbally can show that you understand and care about them and the relationship will grow and be fulfilling to both. Verbally wise, it's always been very Important to pay close attention o what I and my friend say to each other.

Having this friendship with her has taught me a lot on how to be an effective communicator and listener. Understanding the meaning of one's words and the Ideas and feelings behind them Is very Important. Dual perspective is the ability to understand another's perspectives, feelings and perceptions of what she would say or do something wasn't so easy. At times it was quite difficult. Asking questions before Judging or commenting and explaining my own feelings and needs so the friend understood where I was coming from help us communicate a lot more.

Relationship paper: Overview essay

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