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Parent Child Relationship

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AN ISSUE OF LOCAL CONCERN – PARENT CHILD RELATIONSHIP In life, it is a reality that we become what we have been involved with and taught since we were born. The environment we live is crucial to the way our way of thinking will develop, and therefore, it will have a great impact on our actions and decisions. Parents play an important role in our lives as our examples and models. Parents and their children hold a special relationship with each other. The kind of parent-child relationship has a huge effect on the way that the child will turn out.

Parenting requires a great deal of adaptation. The parents want to develop a strong bond with their child but they also want to maintain a healthy marital relationship and adult friendships. The major cause of problems in relationship between parents and children is the generation gap. Nowadays, parents try to force the children into disciplined life. For instance, they ask the children to shut their mouth when they are expressing the views about some family issue while trying to manipulate their decisions.

Due to this children don’t open up to their parents and this leads them to be suspicious of their children. When parents are in the pursuit to discover exactly what is going on, the children tend to lose trust in their parents, feeling that their parents are always trying to catch them doing something wrong. Parents, on the other hand, are more experienced in dealing with life’s problems. They try to protect their children from the problems they had to face when they were young. They try different means to do this and these means have a great impact on the parent child relationship.

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If the parent frequently uses punishments instead confrontations, the mental state of the child can be spoilt. But if the parent mostly spares the rod also, it spoils the child. There is no perfect way of parenting; it’s more of trial and error. But parents and children can have a very good relationship only when the child as well as the parent makes an effort. Chatting together and going out for a movie or a family picnic once and giving them your presence rather than presents is more effective. As the famous saying goes…. ”Don’t try to perfect your child, try to perfect your relationship”

Parent Child Relationship essay

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