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Essential Questions

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While the North veered toward a mechanical future of efficiency and invention the Southern dependence on their cotton industry kept them at a stand still. By 1877 prior t o the compromise which ended Southern Reconstruction the Southern economic system was in a steady decline as emend for cotton slowly shifted while the North's demand for manufactured goods continued its steady incline. Peopling: How did the growth of mass migration to the United States and the railroad a effect settlement patterns in the cities in the west?

The growth of mass migration to the United States caused massive population n changes which tended to slow as immigrants settled into large towns and cities near or center red around the growing railroads which promised life and fortune to the prospective America Politics and Power: Why did the attempts at compromise before the war fail to prevent the inflict? To what extent and in what ways, did the Civil War and reconstruction n transform American political and social relationships?

The attempts at compromise failed because no politician was ever able to full y address the issues of slavery in a way that would last forever. Plus the fact that no Southern nerd was willing to give up their way of life because of a northerner who did not know t he value of slavery. America in the World: How was the American conflict over slavery part of larger global events? As the European powers grew and left slavery for industry America was the la SST of the powers to attain a patch of slavery slowing the turn towards industry.

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With growing ball Zionist movements the views of the world focused on slavery in the south. Environment and Geography: How did the end of slavery and technology and military developments transform the environment and settlement patterns in the so the and the west? At the end of the civil war with the end of slavery and the introduction of milt ray rule to the south there was a massive change in settlement as freed slaves began travels Eng throughout the south to find lost loved ones. Introduction of "modernized military tactics and other technologies lowed the flow of populations within the American South.

Ideas, Beliefs, and Culture: How did the doctrine of manifest destiny affect debates over territorial expansion and the Mexican war? How did the Civil War struggle shah pep Americans beliefs about equality, democracy, and national destiny? The doctrine of Manifest Destiny caused a lot of debates concerning the right of American expansions in the west while all other countries could no longer claim any of t he land. The results of the civil war molded and enforced American belief in the divinity of their actions of spreading democracy from ocean to ocean.

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