Essays on Battle of Marathon

Essays on Battle of Marathon

Exact date: 12 September 490 BC
Start date: 490 BC
Location: Marathon
End date: 490 BC
part of: first Persian invasion of Greece, Greco-Persian wars
Combatants: Classical Athens

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Informative Essay on Battle of Marathon

The battle of Marathon is one of history’s most famous military engagements. It is also one of the earliest recorded battles. Their victory over the Persian invaders gave the fledgling Greek city states confidence in their ability to defend themselves and belief in their continued …

Battle of Marathon
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Battle of Marathon

Despite of the disadvantaged conditions of Athenians, according to the records of Herodotus, their victory was still achieved through well-planned military strategy by the leading of Miltiades, and by taking advantage over the terrain and weather during war. Introduction From the very start of the …

AthensBattle of MarathonMilitarySparta
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What happened in the Battle of Marathon?
The Battle of Marathon 490 B.C. was part in the first Persian invasions of Greece. His strategy prevailed over the Persians strength and the victory "the Marathon men" captured all the Greeks' imagination.
What was the Battle of Marathon and why was it important?
The defeat at Marathon marked end to the first Persian invasion into Greece. ... The Battle of Marathon was pivotal in the Greco Persian wars. It demonstrated to the Greeks their ability to defeat the Persians.
Why is the battle of Marathon called marathon?
The Athenians' victory is what gave rise to the marathon running competition. Pheidippides reportedly exclaimed, "Nike!" after reaching Athens. (The Greek word for victory). He eventually died from exhaustion. Philippides or Pheidippides announces the victory by Athenians at Marathon, Athens.
When was the Battle of Marathon?
The Battle of Marathon happened on 12 September 490 BC. August Boeckh (19th century scholar), based on Herodotus’ accounts, suggested this date.

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