Civil War Essay Examples and Research Papers

Civil War Essay Examples and Research Papers

The Civil War was the only war the United States lived within its own territory. The Civil War was the war waged by the States of the South and the North from 1861 to 1865. From the Colonial Era, the United States of America presented a fundamental characteristic: the radical difference between the colonies of the North and those of the South, as much in the economic thing as in the way of being of each one of them.

Thus, while the North States had a diversified economy (agriculture, livestock, industry, and commerce), preference for the European workforce and for the bourgeois and democratic forms; the Southern States, on the other hand, had an economy based on agriculture (cotton, sugar cane and tobacco), a labor force made up of black slaves and an inclination towards aristocratic forms. A slave-owning farmer enlisted in the 13th Georgia because “our homes firesides our land and negroes and even the virtues of our fair ones is at stake” (McPherson p. 19).

The North Populated by settlers of democratic and religious spirit - Puritans and Quakers were determined supporters of freedom and equality, and therefore bitter enemies of slavery. “This contest is not the North against South,” wrote a young Philadelphia printer six days before he enlisted. “It is government against anarchy, the law against disorder” (McPherson p. 18). The north was clear that they had to obey the laws of the government whether they liked it or not, they were outraged that those from the south were rebels who did not want to obey the government, they knew that if they allowed the south build a new government the future of The United States would be fatal because the other states would also begin to do the same to separate themselves from the government.

The Southern volunteers of the war believed they were fighting for liberty as well as slavery, a farmer who enlisted in the 26th Tennessee insisted that “life liberty and property were at stake” (McPherson p.20). The South was afraid that if the slaves were taken away they would not be able to own property and would not have workers on their farms to grow the food that they sell every day and that they needed to live a wealthy life without debts. The south had more than 4 million slaves working for them making cotton to sell. The social order of the south was based entirely on the segregation of the slaves, who were considered an inferior race. White supremacy included all aspects of daily life and politics. The slave owners behaved like true kings within their respective homes. During the Civil War, the volunteers repeated the same words that they were going to fight for the liberty they deserve in the United States. Lincoln made a point and said, “the perfect liberty they sigh for” is “the liberty of making slaves of other people” (McPherson p.20).

Many volunteers from the North and South not only fought for property, slaves, for obeying the government. Many fought for their honor as men who have to defend their state or their families. Some wanted to be remembered as heroes who went to war no matter if they were going to die because they were happy if they died defending their homeland. Many men left their wives, their children, pregnant wives, girlfriends, their fiancйs because they had to go to fight for their land, for their country, for their honor, for a better future in the United States of America. Confederate soldiers cited the obligations of duties, they were more likely to speak about honor. A sergeant in the 24th Mississippi told his sister: “Life is sweet, but I would always prefer an honorable death to a disgraceful and shameful life” (McPherson p. 23).

A family member of the previous president of America also fought during the Civil War, Charles Francis Adams, Jr. the great-son and grandson of America’s second and sixth presidents entered the civil war as a colonel of the 5th Massachusetts Calvary, he volunteered himself to show the country that his family means what they said, because they always opposed to having slaves. “For years our family has talked of slavery and of the South and been most prominent in the contest of words”, wrote Charles Jr. to his father (McPherson p. 25). Another politician that volunteered was Rutherford B. Hayes, he went in as a major and later he became president of the United States. Hayes was a distinguished man who fought for a better nation, he protected the slaves from the south, he was wound many times, but he survived the war because he was in the civil war he gained the respect of many people and that’s how he became President.

In the Civil War, numerous men enlisted for liberty, for freedom of slaves, but also were numerous men that enlisted just because they wanted to know how it feels to be in a war.

The Civil War lasted 4 years Southern against Northern. Southern fought for lands, properties, to keep their slaves, the Northern fought to abolish slaves, to have only one nation, and because we should only have only one government and only one president in the United States as a nation. There were also men from both sides that fought to honor, integrity, liberty. Also, we have the other men that fought because they didn’t know they just did it because that was happening at the moment in their lives and they felt the obligation to do it. After the Civil War, United States became strong and more unified than before without rebellions from the states, the Civil War was necessary to prove that everyone that lives here needs to obey the law, not matter if you like it or not.

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Two of the decade’s biggest stories came early on with the New York Times’ reporting of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 and the Washington Post’s coverage of Watergate scandal twine 1972 and 1976. 1 The ass’s displayed a trend of younger Journalists with higher ideals. …

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The American Civil War was a civil war in the United States between the Union and the Confederacy. The central cause of the war was the status of slavery, especially the expansion of slavery into territories acquired as a result of the Louisiana Purchase and the Mexican–American War.

United States, Southern United States, Atlantic Ocean, Western United States


Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis


Apr 12, 1861 – Apr 9, 1865


First battle: First Battle of Bull Run

Presidents: Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis

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