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American Civil War Research Paper

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The deadliest war in American history is known as the American Civil War killing nearly 620,000 soldiers and a mass amount of civilians. The War Between the States was fought between Southern slave states and the United States federal government. Southern states formed a group called the Confederacy, which went against the beliefs of the Union. Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America and Abraham Lincoln sought different views on slavery.

Lincoln believed that all slaves should be emancipated and advocated the restoration of the Union.The Fugitive Slave Law of 1850 supported the belief that all slaves who escaped, once captured were to be returned to their owners. This led to the War Governors’ Conference on September 25, 1862 which included the meeting of thirteen Union governors who conversed between many different aspects of the war. The importance of this meeting routed from the war and the downfall that Abraham Lincoln was witnessing in the United States. As they discussed many reasons to abolish slavery, they believed that a substantial win would help the announcement of the proclamation. Slavery had a significant impact on society in a moral and economical aspect.The money had “strengthened the American economy in the north and south.

” Economically slaves who worked on plantations changed the agricultural society. The shift went from the agricultural society to a more advanced industrial society. This then caused the downfall of the Confederate States of America. “Slaves were known as contraband, or illegal imports to represent the captured slaves, and with the impact of Lincoln, he was able to present the theory of emancipation that took away the view of slaves as property and allowed the states to control the territory within their borders. When the proclamation was first issued, it did not free all slaves. Delaware, Kentucky, Maryland and Missouri had not suceeded from the union. The collapse of the Confederate States of America forced slaves to free away from the plantations.

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The emancipation of the rebellion areas was essential to end the ongoing secession that was going on in the United States. Lincoln wanted to “endorse the emancipation on the state level. ” The belief of equality towards all individuals is one aspect that Lincoln promoted.At the beginning of the Civil War, Lincoln’s main goal was to preserve the union, and in time the theory of emancipation came into effect. Lincoln supported the rights of each individual and the “equality of all humans that demanded and abolishment of slavery. ” Releasing slaves all at once was not something that would have been immediately effective, so Lincoln approached the situation in a structured manner. After the Union had won at Antietam, he set fourth a deposition to the Confederate states stating that if the return of the Union was not met, that the remaining slaves would be free.

The amount of men and women that escaped the Union army camps when the war began made such an impact on Lincoln as well as the Union that the formation of the emancipation occurred. ” America’s values about how citizens should be able to pursue their liberty was created through the birth of the “Emancipation Proclamation was a true belief of what Lincoln believed religiously and legally. ” The new birth of freedom helped the nation come together as a whole, rather than have two opposing sides. This brought new views on American society and promoted a new beginning for the United States.Lincoln’s defense to restore the Union went against the beliefs of the constitution. After the war “impacted the salvation of the Republic, and that the United States would again become the land of the free. The shackles slaves had worn had then become a cash profit by selling the material as iron.

The block that men were called upon to be sold to slave owners was banished. All men have the right to freedom as an American citizen; therefore will make their own decisions without influence from an individual with higher class status. The secession is reasonable to the citizen for each and every individual has their own right to liberty and freedom under the laws of the constitution. “Union only made the procedure of redrafting southern states a faster process. ” On an international level, the support from England or Britain was completely in Lincoln’s favor to go through with the abolishment of slavery. With the prior end of slavery in Britain and France, not only would Lincoln gain respect but support as well for this new approach.The Slavery Abolition Act in Britain was an act that refused the owning of slaves in the colonies.

Lincoln supported the views of the British and transformed their views into the life of an American citizen. With outside support from other countries only helped America on a international level. After Europe had restored their Union, the hope of Americans according to the diary of John Beauchamp Jones “believed that it was the United States that would soon be recognized and hope for a new outlook was in store. ”African Americans had believed that “the proclamation would completely transform each and every aspect of the lives they once knew. ” Lincoln supported the freedom of individuals and enforced the release of slaves. His impact completely transformed the country and was unification to all citizens. Some slaves did in fact stay with their masters, but many others chose to flee.

Some individuals respected the views of Lincoln, and some went against. The belief that Lincoln issued the proclamation for means to win the war is one of the most controversial topics within the proclamation.Regardless of his purpose for constructing the proclamation, African Americans now had the rights that they were entitled to as a citizen of the United States. The reason for Abraham Lincoln issuing the Emancipation Proclamation was in fact the greatest movement in history. Although the Emancipation Proclamation only applied to the areas that the federal government did not control, the overall change in the country influenced future issues in the United States. Prior to the proclamation, African Americans had no identity.Their main purpose in life was to simply be owned by another human being and forced to perform grueling tasks.

Slavery was a means of cheap labor under the control of white superiority. The United States was now more colonized and brought together the civil rights of Americans. Lincoln enforced the meanings behind the constitution and altered society. Although not all slaves were free, Lincoln believed that the Southern slaves would be able to help support him win the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln had restructured all that Americans were accustomed to, and put forth a positive outlook for future generations.

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