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After failing

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Europe was needed as an ally because if Lincoln had dated that he wanted the abolishment of all slavery in all territories then Europe would have joined the war which have resulted in a much more complicated situation, meaning the North would have lost. The Union war effort wanted not only to include reunification but also to abolish slavery. To achieve this so called emancipation the Union was forced to invade the South and take over their lands. Unable to use limited war tactics for victories, the North needed to take more drastic measures to ensure victory.

After failing to cake the lead in the war, the decision to use total war was enforced by taking on the goal of eliminating slavery. Knowing the slaves were crucial to their way of life, the North used this 'fault' as motive for the spirit of the war. The war effort was being promoted throughout the North as it became more than just a war to preserve the nation. The attack on the Southern way of life allowed the North to ruin the economic framework oftener opponents. 2.

Careful Union diplomacy managed the Civil War crisis with Britain and need British flirtations with the Confederacy by providing cautious tactics on dealing with the, at the time, easily provoked 3. The primary military strategies of each side were that the Confederacy could fight defensively behind the interior lines, the South had an advantage in morale, they had the most talented officers including General Robert E. Lee himself, and that Southerners seemed always prepared to fight. The North's great strength in the Economy made up for the South's great lack in that area.

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The North had about three-fourths of the nation's wealth and three-fourths of the railroads. They had control over the sea which was a huge advantage because they were able to cut off Southern supplies and crush the Southern morale. Their sea power also enabled them to exchange big grain quantities for munitions and supplies from Europe. The North also had the vast majority Of the men with a population Of 22 million to 9 million in the seceding States. Each side attempted to carry them out by using each one of their advantages o the best of their abilities throughout the Civil War.

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