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Extinction of Certain Species

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In the late century, extinction becomes common topic in our daily discussion and debates. An average of 27,000 species is currently extinct each year and there is a possibility of 22% of extinction in the overall species if action is not taken. Animal extinction is due to human immorality and irresponsible behavior just for their own benefits. Since the year 1600, a total of 83 mammals species are known to have become extinct. Wildlife population depleted the trade in live animals, damaged habitats and the countless animals of suffering. Wildlife International, 2008) Apart from that, animal is a good source to make traditional medicine. For example, Chinese believes that snake galls are good to cure diseases and strengthen immune system of the body. Sometimes, human thoughts are powerful which may kill many innocent animals. According to Jeanette McDermott, the book of Bear Muze stated that every year, approximately 10,000 Asiatic black bears are locked in cages the size of their own bodies just to have their bile drained and sold the use in traditional medicine.

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Extinction of Certain Species

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Besides, many ocean mammals are suffering due to the business benefits. For example, Chinese culture like to consume shark fin soup as part of the cuisine. Businessman will take the advantage to hunt shark fin for money because of its high demand. An organization devoted to preserve marine life, Ocean Environment, stated in Asian Geographic(Nov-Dec 2008) that shark fin soup prized as a delicacy in Chinese cuisine. It is becoming un-cool to consume because 90% of the sharks are un-finned while alive thrown into the sea.

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