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Curfews: Law and Certain Regulation Apply

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Brittaney Weeams Mr. Dutro-Adkins 4TH Hour English November 27, 2012 Curfews?? Do they really work? “Yes” What is a Curfew?? Curfew is an order specifying a time after which certain regulation apply. In other words an order made by the government or your family to be home at a certain time. Many cities have imposed curfew over the past years and in most of those cities the curfews has reduced several crimes. Curfews are used to discipline and to keep young teens off the streets and out of trouble.

Although people feel that there’s no point in curfews and it doesn’t keep our youth out of trouble, I on the other hand feel that curfew does keep our youth out of trouble and is very much needed all over the United States. Why? Because if we didn’t have curfews, there would be way more convicted crimes. There is currently 276 cites that enforced curfews so far. There’s 6 ways to put curfew into place, involve your teen, communicate clearly, except the consequences, set limits, be reasonable, Negotiate, and communicate.

For example In San Diego, California crimes have dropped by 20% and in Dallas Texas and New Orleans theirs have dropped by 40%. This is a prime example why curfews been a big help so far. I feel like curfews shouldn’t be the government’s job. Since they are the ones who enforced it, parents should respect that by taking on the responsibility for their own child and should know where their child is at every given time. Parents can also give their child open space to work and attend after school activities, If they’re willing to obey. And once they feel that their child is responsible then they could give them the freedom they deserve.

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Curfews: Law and Certain Regulation Apply

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I believe the interdiction of curfews will help control the importance of curfews all over America if it’s enforced right by parents. There are many penalties for breaking the law, not only children face penalties, parents do to. Parents can face up to a 500 dollar fine and if they refuse to pay their fines they’ll be placed in jail for a limited time of 90 days. Their only able to get charged if their aware of their child lingering around after curfew hours. Teens caught after midnight is taken home by an officer. Every city has a different penalty.

For example in Peoria IL my home town the child is fined 500 dollars and the part is sometime ordered by the court to do community service. Friends are sometime the blame for your child disobeying and breaking curfews. Some children hang around the wrong crowd. Being younger they just might be little followers and think it’s cool to break curfew and to do all the things that their bad friend do. Some friends could put your child under peer pressure and could force them to do the wrong thing. That’s why it’s best for parents to know who their child friends, their background and are and are they good leaders.

Yes it may sound a little over protective but sometimes you have to do what you have to do for your child’s own safety. I used to hate curfews when I was younger growing up. I thought it was cool too stay out super late and kick it I mean why not everyone else was doing it. As I grow older I made a promise to not only myself but my family as well to follow all the laws. And growing up seeing other people give the law and their parents hard times made me want to do better. After reaching Curfews I still believe that curfews will work if they are enforced right by not only the law but parents as well.

As long as you stay aware of your child’s where abouts and stay on them about curfew and get a good understanding with your child about the law and what’s suppose to be and what’s not suppose to be done everything will be okay. It’s not only your child’s decision it’s yours as well. You make the decision for your child. SOURCES: http://dictionary. reference. com/browse/curfew http://debatepedia. idebate. org/en/index. php/Debate:_Child_Curfews http://www. boston. com/community/moms/blogs/child_caring/2009/12/city-imposed_curfews_do_they_really_keep_kids_safe. html www. ncpa. org/sub/dpd/index. php? Article_ID=11240

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