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Evaluation Onthe African Flower Industry

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Objections While flower industry donates a lot in Africans economy and society, detractors are against the proposal of rising the quantity and value of flower exports in Africa basing on its social and environmental drawbacks. According to data researched by Kenya Human Rights Commission (CORK) and Kenya Women Workers Organization (COW), Job abuse and poor working conditions, including low by reasonable rates, congested and unprotected work place, sexual harassment, no maternity leave and so on (Majority, 2002). Both growing process and delivering process of flower industry do harm to the environment.

Pesticides and fertilizers are necessary to be applied to cultivate flowers (Whelan, 2009). Although a flower farm takes action to reduce energy use and moves km away from the lake to make the lake environment under secure guarantee, it was accused of over-applying pesticide as a result polluted the lake in 2004(Whelan, 2009). Moreover, as the main consumer market is not located in African but Europe, plus the necessity to maintain its fresh and quality, fast and expensive way of transportation is needed. As a result, referring from Evaluation On the African Flower Industry By Manville he process of delivering 100 million rose (Whelan, 2009).

Evaluation Evaluation of the proposal projected by SAID of aiming at increasing the flower exports in East Africa can be assessed from angles of economy, society and environment. In the perspective of economy, it is indeed a high improvement for African economy by developing flower industry. In addition to the employment creation and value rendering that come together with agricultural development, flower industry can lead a large amount of currency exchange which is a vital part of Africans incomplete economy system.

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Evaluation Onthe African Flower Industry

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The more value and volume is made by the industry, the more market value would be created so that not merely the economy but also other aspects can be progressed in African. There is evidence that developing flower industry in Africa is detrimental to its social system. The lack of regulation in Job market and protections for employer is the disadvantage stated by the objectors. However, considering how the industry, and the responsible flower companies have speeded up the developmental progress in Africa by offering shelters, schooling, welfare and infrastructures including water and electricity, it is seasonable to support the proposal.

Environment damage is inevitable in developing industry in every area. Particularly for African flower industry, there is delivering pollution that is harmful. However, applying the proposal would lessen the environmental problem caused in the past as companies are seeking solutions to avoid more pollution. Therefore, the proposal should be pushed up in the following 4 years but a more sophisticated plan should be proposed. Conclusion Generally, the advantage of increasing the volume and value of flower exports by at least 30% overweight the drawback of it.

Developing high-value industry is a helpful solution to lesson the poverty in Africa while flower industry functions positively in economy. Once the economy is developed, the social problem would be lessening.

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