Flower Festival in Vietnam

Last Updated: 20 Apr 2022
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Da L? t Flower Festival Da Lat Flower Festival is a famous annual event not only in Vietnam but also in Asian region. It is frequently held in the spring to celebrate the charming nature beauty of the city. Every year, a large number of tourists, especially nature lovers, are fascinated by contemplating works of arts made of flowers. On the occasion of this festival, there is a compelling chain of events that you can not take your eyes off.

In preparation for the festival, the local people have to complete a lot of things. The first fundamental step is to set up essential infrastructure systems, such as lighting, sound equipment and background iron frames. These tools are used to help artists decorate and honor the beauty of thousands of flower species. Next, many craftsmen put floral decoration into right orders, according to the planned picture. Therefore, along the city, tourists can easily remark a consistently meaningful message.

Throughout the festival, we can see many special activities taken place on this event. All of activities are organized in six days on the theme of flowers. Initially, there is an International Gallery and Exhibition of Flower and Ornaments performed at Da Lat garden. After that, along Xuan Huong Lakeshore, everyone can enjoy flower exhibition and lively street parade. Finally, the Ceremony of DaLat Flower Festival is officially held at DaLat square.

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Although almost celebrating activities take place before the official ceremony, people look forward to this important event which gives splendid performances. Besides, everyone participating in this event has the opportunity to watch and take part in various categories of extra activities, such as Festival for Street Dances, Wine Festival, Street Festival “Flower and Light”, Flower Market… These activities are held in order to serve Da Lat people in particular as well as tourists in general.

Especially, people will have a chance to enjoy the fabulous fireworks displayed on Xuan Huong Lake. It would be an unforgetable experience that you should try. During the festival, tourists seems to be lost in an exciting world of colour and fragrance because flowers are everywhere. Therefore, this is a good potential chance for developing tourism, advertising image of the country that brings a lot of benefits to not only local people but also the Vietnamese. It would be wise for our government to make more investment in such an event. Y? n Hoa

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