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Bio 111: Ch. 1 Quiz

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Chapter 01 Quiz

Question 1

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00. Flag question Question text Many insects do not see into the red color-range and as a result, many insect-pollinated flowers are colors other than red (e. g. , purple and yellow).

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Bio 111: Ch. 1 Quiz

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This flower coloration would be considered a Select one:

  • a. adaptation.
  • b. gene.
  • c. DNA.
  • d. evolution.
  • e. natural selection.

Feedback The correct answer is an adaptation...

Question 2

Correct Mark 1. 0 out of 1. 00 Flag question. Question text Kevin is studying predator-prey interactions. One day he notices a spider eating a cricket caught in its web. Later that day, a bird eats the spider. How many populations are included in his study?

Select one:

  • a. 2
  • b. 0
  • c. 3
  • d. 1
  • e. 4

Feedback The correct answer is 3.

Question 3

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00. The process of _____________________ transforms solar energy into chemical energy.

Select one:

  • a. homeostasis
  • b. metabolism
  • c. photosynthesis
  • d. reproduction
  • e. respiration

Feedback The correct answer is photosynthesis.

Question 4

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00. Question text In science, a theory.

Select one:

  • a. cannot be tested.
  • b. is held to be an absolutely correct answer to a question.
  • c. encompasses many hypotheses.
  • d. is tested by an experiment.
  • e. is more narrow in scope than a hypothesis.
  • Feedback The correct answer is: encompasses many hypotheses.

Question 5

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00. Flag question Question text A pond ecosystem includes small water fleas that feed on submerged aquatic plants. When the water fleas die, they sink to the bottom of the pond and where they decompose with the help of bacteria. List in order the producer, decomposer, and consumer in this system.

Select one:

  • a. bacterial, aquatic plants, water fleas
  • b. aquatic plants, bacteria, water fleas
  • c. aquatic plants, water fleas, bacteria
  • d. water fleas, bacteria, aquatic plants
  • e. bacteria, water fleas, aquatic plants

Feedback The correct answer is aquatic plants, bacteria, water fleas.

Question 6

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00. Flag question. Question text. The various species of honeycreepers have an assortment of different bills, but all species have a similar size and body shape.

This is an example of Select one:

  • a. descent with modification.
  • b. adaptations.
  • c. DNA.
  • d. taxonomy.
  • e. homeostasis.

Feedback The correct answer is descent with modification..

Question 7

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00 Flag question Question text Populations of amphibians, including frogs and toads, have been plagued by disease and high rates of deformity. A recent study investigated whether problems among the populations have arisen due to poisons from chemicals associated with agriculture. Biologists from the University of Florida collected local adult cane toads (Bufo Marinus) from more than 20 different locations. Toads were collected from areas close to agriculture; both large-scale and small-scale farms as well as from suburbs. At collection sites where 50-97% of the adjacent land was farmed, males showed high levels of feminization. Feminized male toads were similar in color to females and had lower levels of testosterone and often also deformed gonads. These changes can lead to sterile males or changes in behavior that prevent mating from occurring. In this study, what is the genus of the study animal?

Select one:

  • a. cane toad
  • b. Bufomarinus
  • c. marinus
  • d. amphibian
  • e. Bufo Feedback

The correct answer is Bufo.

Question 8

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00 Flag question Question text Domain _______________ includes both unicellular and multicellular organisms.

Select one:

  • a. Eukarya
  • b. Plantae
  • c. Bacteria
  • d. Fungi
  • e. Protista Feedback

The correct answer is Eukarya.

Question 9

Correct Mark 1. 00 out of 1. 00.

The smallest unit of life is a Select one:

  • a. specie.
  • b. tissue.
  • c. organism.
  • d. cell.
  • e. organ.

Feedback The correct answer is cell..

Question 10

Incorrect Mark 0. 00 out of 1. 00. Which of the following terms is not correctly matched with a correct example?

Select one:

  • a. mosquito feeding on a human host - community
  • b. a rock garden with various plants and rocks of different sizes - ecosystem
  • c. a spider - organism
  • d. a herd of wildebeest - population
  • e. a tropical rainforest - community

Feedback The correct answer is a tropical rainforest - community.

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