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Evaluate the influence that different stakeholders exert in one of the organisations

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D1: Evaluate the influence that different stakeholders exert in one of the organisations. Apple Inc.

As Apples owners, they believe to have the most responsibility in the business. The owners are the people in charge, the people at the top of the hierarchy chart of the company. These are the people who make the decisions in the business and also the people who come up with the great ideas. We are reminded again by Apples aims, to make as much profit as they can and to create innovative and advanced consumer electronics. The stakeholders, in this case the owners need to have individual objectives, such as creating the next big thing. In apple this would be to create the next Iphone or Ipod. However they also have to make sure that everything in the production of the product and the marketing is running as planned. Another individual objective for the owner will be to convince the public of their products, this links in with the marketing department but in the end, the owner gives the final decision. At the launch event of a new apple product.

The owners’ objectives would be to deliver an engaging and convincing speech to the public. This will link in with the great aim of increasing the profit of the company because if you convince the public of the product, they will buy more of it and even recommend it to more people. The producers in Apple influence the company to seek the aims and objectives. The producers have the responsibility for making the products. This means that they are also responsible if anything goes wrong with the design itself or the software. One of their objectives is to create a product with as little problems and possible. If they are successful, then the company’s revenue will increase which will indeed mean that the people in production could potentially be paid more.

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The producers have different individual objectives to the owner’s. For the producers, a personal objective for them would be to finish the design at the given time and to complete it with no kinds of problems. It is in the producers benefit to create great products. If they create better products, then the company is more likely to have a profit maximisation. Like the owners, the producers also work as a team. All the departments in the company have team objectives, these team objectives link in with the functional objectives which will then help complete their aim. Read about FedEx Stakeholders

However not all decisions are made as a team.

The final decision will always come down to the owner of the company. On the other hand there are sometimes where they have to make decisions democratically. An example of this is deciding which way they want their business to go, how it is run and their unique selling point. All the stakeholders in the business connect with each other to try and influence the company in a positive way. Each of them has to accomplish their own individual objectives in order to complete the company’s aims. Apple completes their wide objectives by having a cascading of objectives. However this doesn’t apply to all stakeholders. Most stakeholders in Apple have a common interest, this is to increase revenue. However the consumers have an influence in the aims of the business in another way, by buying the products and by convincing other people of them. This influences the aims either in a bad way or in a positive way. If the consumers think the products are too expensive or not that great a quality, sales will go down; which will then neglect the company’s aims. On the other hand if the products are a success, sales will rise drastically. In conclusion, all of the stakeholders have an influence on the business. What’s different is that different stakeholders influence the company in a different way. The stakeholders influence is a measure of the company’s success.

Evaluate the influence that different stakeholders exert in one of the organisations essay

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