Stakeholder and Corporate Social Responsibility

Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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Charles Handy’s Stakeholder View

The New Capitalists’ Argument: ‘Society and shareowners are becoming one and the same’

TASK B : Applying the above concepts and tools, provide table(s) and/or figure/s to answer the

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Following questions:

Drawing on corporate responsibility stances, or the three perspectives on the key debates ( Johnson et al.; p.147) what is the rationale of : The founders of (Product) RED?
The director for social responsibility for GAP?
The author of the article in the TIMES?

(Product) RED
TIMES’ Author
Corporate Social Responsibility Stance

Perspective on the Key Debate


TASK C: Provide a 500 word commentary on TASK B.

Guide Questions:
1. Provide a summary of the above table.
2. What views might shareholders of GAP of (PRODUCT) RED?
3. In your view, is (PRODUCT) RED an appropriate corporate activity? 4. If you were a shareholder of a company and wished to persuade top management to join the (PRODUCT) RED Initiative, how might you do this (Use stakeholder analysis as a means of considering this? 5. Are the corporate social responsibility stances as well as the business perspective views of (PRODUCT) RED and GAP explicitly stated in their vision/mission, objectives and corporate values? 6. What other companies, as well as key society figures/individuals support the new business model as well as the advocacy of (PRODUCT) RED? 7. Of (PRODUCT) RED’s earnings how much have been donated to the benefitting institution? How much are retained for the company’s profit? 8. What is the impact of (PRODUCT) RED ‘s social responsibility stance on the company’s overall position? 9. What is the impact of (PRODUCT) RED on GAP’s business?

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