Apple inc Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Last Updated: 20 Jun 2022
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  1. Discuss a company which is following CSR principles. What initiatives has the company adopted in order to ensure that it is socially responsible? Include information on the company and its business operations in your discussion.

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Apple is one of the leading technologies and most significant companies in the world. Apple is one of the companies that follow Corporate Social Responsibility principles, and they take it very seriously. (Vilas, 2017)

One the of Apple social initiatives is the environment; they have a mission called “ask less of the planet” where they are reducing their impact on the climate change, they use renewable energy sources and managing energy efficiency in their products, machines, and supply chain. Furthermore, the company planted 9000 drought-tolerant trees. Greenpeace has labeled Apple the “greenest tech company in the world” for three continuous years. (Apple, n.d.)

Apple is they do not only use renewable energy; their packaging is 99% recycled paper products. (Vilas, 2017) Also, they offer free-charge education, and they developed a program in 18 buildings, and more than 280,000 workers took many courses. Apple has grown its worker benefits programs to a large size. For example, mothers can take more than 4 weeks break before birth and up to 14 weeks after birth. Meanwhile, the fathers are likely they will take six weeks of parental allowance. (Dudovskiy, 2018)

Apple launched Apple Supplier EHS Academy, which 18-month program to develop worker health and safety in the business. In the program, 240 suppliers participated, and also 270,000 workers participate in the program. (Dudovskiy, 2018) Apple cares a lot about the environment; they decreased the total power consumption of their products by 57%, the introduction of Mac mini as the world’s most energy-efficient desktop laptop and surpassing energy star guidelines. (Apple, n.d.)

Also, Apple supply chain partners have high measures for supporting labor and human rights protections, sustaining effective health, safety and security, and environmental practices, and sourcing supplies responsibly. (Apple, n.d.)

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