Essays on Capital Punishment

Essays on Capital Punishment

What is capital punishment? Where does it come from? Capital punishment has been utilized and debated for more than thousands of years it also brought countless individuals to give their own perspective on the situation of people who learned and witnessed it. Capital punishment also called the death warrant or death penalty, is basically a sentence by punishing a convict victim to death because of a crime he or she committed that lead up to a capital crime.

Capital crimes contain mass murder, treachery, armed robbery, crimes against genocide and humanity also war crimes. Did you know the English word “capital” is translated from Latin as “caput” an old French capital meaning that means head?  basically, loss of your life. This sentence has been used or practiced for more than thousands of years, almost used in every culture in all corners of the world at maybe at one point. But now things have changed and capital punishment has its own pros and cons on different viewpoints from state to state. The death warrant may seem like horrifying torture, but did you know that now it’s available in 31 states? Although the idea of killing someone as an outcome of a crime seems cruel to many, the death penalty is an easy way to punish a person for their act of violence to society.

Research and studies show that the death penalty does deterrent crime. Due to the fact of this, many feel that capital punishment is a good idea. It becomes obvious that there are many benefits to this. Like most people they kill or hurt someone else with the intent and idea that they are never going to get caught. That making the death penalty legal in all countries and states can make these people think twice before killing or hurting anyone. Most people will murder someone but will be afraid of dying themselves due to the fact of exchange of the death penalty, so making it that if anyone that kills another person automatically puts them a sentence to death. This will heighten/expand the peace around the world and also keep the jail from getting too crowded.

Research shows us that, the larger part of studies that follow the results over time with countries or across states find a deterrent result. Like for instance, “a 2003 study by Emory University researchers of data from more than 3,000 counties from 1977 through 1996 found that each execution, on average, resulted in 18 fewer murders per county.” Also in another examination in recent studies show that, “2009, researchers found that adopting state laws allowing defendants in child murder cases to be eligible for the death penalty was associated with an almost 20 percent reduction in rates of these crimes.” (David. B) Basically saying, capital punishment does indeed decrease crime, killing and saving lives.

In my opinion, we should have capital punishment due to the fact that releasing a criminal from jail or letting them live for there serious crimes is just as insane as letting them roam the streets to do whatever they want. If they have an opportunity to live to see another day they will most likely commit the same crime as previous. For example, if giving a serial killer or murderer to live again and is still in jail. They will end up feeling good about their crimes that they committed. Knowing that they killed many others and will not be afraid to kill someone again. For instance, “About 68 percent of 405,000 prisoners released in 30 states in 2005 were arrested for a new crime within three years of their release from prison, and 77 percent were arrested within five years, according to a report by the Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS) released Tuesday.”

This tells us that whoever committed a crime will commit another, the same thing goes for murder. By executing these criminals/serial killers will send some kind of message to anyone regardless of status that committing any serious crimes like murder will lead up to death. Therefore, we must put an end to all murdering and be letting criminals to cause pain on other families for their doing. If we want the world to be in a better place and out of harm’s way then we must legalize the death penalty in all states.

Although there can be many positive and factual things that come out of capital punishment there are also many flaws and negative results. According to the (United States Conference of Catholic Bishops on April 2, 1999), “We cannot overcome crime by simply executing criminals, nor can we restore the lives of the innocent by ending the lives of those convicted of their murders. The death penalty offers the tragic illusion that we can defend life by taking life.” (USCCB) This basically explains to us that we can’t just use violence and kill anyone that’s convicted a criminal. But we have to be cautious about it and not kill innocent lives due to flawed judgment. The death penalty was never a way to control another human. But, a way to scare them to prevent crime. This method has been utilized wrongly for its unfairness against humans. Past and present events were people that been sent to capital punishment and later found out innocent due to further research and DNA testing. In some situations, there have been some cases where some criminals were proven innocent later on but, they can never take back the amount of time they were on death row.

Also, many innocent people who unfortunately found guilty and sentenced to death. Innocent people argue and oppose the death penalty due to the fact that everyone deserves a second chance at life. Like for example, a well-known and interesting case was. (1972 Furman v. Georgia), “Furman was burglarizing a private home when a family member discovered him. He attempted to flee, and in doing so tripped and fell. The gun that he was carrying went off and killed a resident of the home. He was convicted of murder and sentenced to death.” (Oyez) this case seems to be very unfair to its decision of death due to the fact that it’s a cruel and unusual punishment also violating the constitution. Even though some juries voted to keep his life in prison while the others wanted him sentenced to death. It doesn’t escape the fact that he ran to not be seen by family. But it wasn’t his own intention to kill someone instead he fell and someone unfortunately been there at the wrong time, the wrong place.

Essentially, capital punishment has had so many viewpoints amongst the people. In all honesty, capital punishment is a great way to stop vicious crimes like mass murder, treachery, armed robbery, crimes against genocide and humanity also war crimes. Making the death penalty legal can reduce crimes and any violence to keep society safe.

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