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The Zahir Life, happiness, love, loss, and obsession characterize the latest novel that I have read - The Zahir written by the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho. The title itself revealed an interesting feeling and curiosity to the readers. The term "Zahir" comes from the Islamic tradition which means visible and incapable of going unnoticed. This international bestseller novel is a piece of art full of surprises and mysteries.

The tory is about the narrator, a bestselling novelist who lived by enjoying all the pleasures and privileges - money, fame, power, and celebrity brings. For unknown reasons, he was abandoned by his own wife named Esther, a war-correspondent. The simple language used by the writer is so powerful and persuasive that would allow readers to feel the intensity of the scenes. Moreover, the writer used the first- person point of view to provoke effectively emotional situations. Paulo Coelho also ade use of imagery.

As an adventurous person, I appreciate most the narrator's pilgrimage. I felt like I was also traveling by reading the narrator's search for his own self and wife from Paris to Kazakhstan. Along the Journey with special significance, the novel showed virtues like generosity to the poor, spirituality, patience, love, respect and knowing oneself to have genuine happiness. Finally in the later part, the narrator was able to meet Esther and whether to stay with him or not lies in her ecisions.

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I can say that the ending is worth reading and waiting because of the enjoying tension. After reading the whole story, I can deduce that the author is someone who is full of experiences and wisdom; and maybe he's also in search for something very significant. The Zahir represents a human experience... after reading it, readers would learn again how to love and forgive in an unselfish way, and most especially, how to live life to the fullest.

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