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Many people have different opinions on religion and have the thought that some religions may be superior to others or better than. However, two religions such as Christianity and Islam have a lot more in common than many people may believe. Christianity is one of the most popular religions followed around the world with Islam being second. In a world with so much conflict between Muslims and Christians, although there may be differences, many people fail to realize that they both have more in common than one may believe, such as origin and what the people believe.

To begin, Christianity has many specific beliefs based on how the world will end and what its followers believe. In Christianity, the followers believe that whenever Jesus returns if the believer is saved then they will go to heaven and if not, they will go to hell. Therefore, one must be saved before Jesus comes back. Also, Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, which includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This means that all three are different entities, but all one spirit, they live through each other and all coincide.

Finally, followers of Christianity believe that Jesus is the Son of God. So, God is actually Jesus' father and whenever Jesus came to the earth he used the power of God through him to get to the people. Overall, Christians believe in the Holy Trinity, that Jesus is the Son of God, and that as a believer one must be saved before they die to go to Heaven.

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Furthermore, Islam also has very specific content, such as what happens when the world ends and the beliefs of its followers. Contrary to the belief of Christians, in Islam, the world will end one day, and the believers will be judged and then the decision is made to which place they go to after death, heaven or hell. So, it does not matter if one is "saved" or not before the world ends because the believer will be judged based on their life and how they used it to impact others.

Next, Muslims believe in only God. Therefore, not a Jesus or Holy Spirit, only God, and he rules over everything. In addition, they believe that Muhammed was the last great prophet of Allah and they follow his teachings. So, Allah is God and Muhammed was the last great prophet of Allah, so they follow Muhammed's beliefs. All in all, Muslims believe that one is judged whenever the world ends to determine their fate, they just believe in Allah and that he does not have a son, and that Muhammed was the last great prophet of Allah.

Finally, Christians and Muslims have a lot of similarities in how they believe and what they believe in. For example, both religions believe in the same God, Allah is just the name for God in Arabic. Also, both Christianity and Islam are descendants of Abraham. Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael, Christians came from Isaac and Muslims came from Ishmael. That is why both believe in the same God.

Furthermore, they are both monotheistic, which is the belief in only one God. Christians and Muslims only believe in one God, which is the same one. Lastly, Christianity and Islam both strongly believe in the afterlife. Although each religion has a different belief on when one is judged for the afterlife, the afterlife itself is a strong base in the principles and belief system of each religion. Therefore, Christians and Muslims have many similarities, such as where each religion comes from, the God they both believe in, and the strong belief in the afterlife.

In conclusion, Christianity and Islam both have similarities and differences. Each religion has its own way of thinking and belief, but both are still based all on God/Allah. Christians believe that God has a son named Jesus and he will return one day. Whereas Muslims believe there is only God and the world will end one day. Overall, Christianity and Islam have just as many similarities as differences.

The similarities include, they believe in the same God, they are both monotheistic, they both have a strong belief in the afterlife, and they are both descendants of Abraham. Therefore, before one thinks that two things may be complete opposites, they should think a little deeper and find similarities between them.

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