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The Cost of College Tuition

 The cost of college is very high compared to how the economy has been and how wages and financial aid have not risen with the cost of tuition. This makes it harder for students to graduate and brings a lot of stress to their lives. …

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Is the Cost of College Tuition to High?

There has been recent chatter that the cost of college tuition is rising more and more each year. It’s a definite setback to every college students especially those of us who can barely afford to pay for community college. It almost forces us to consider …

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Why college is so expensive essay?
College is so costly that many students can't afford food. Students need to pay for tuition and board as well as their room. They also need textbooks that are more expensive every year. These costs make it difficult for students to manage their money and purchase less food.
Why is college tuition important?
It is a vital segment of our economy since college educations are a gateway to better lives and higher wages. ... The competition for students meant that schools had to closely monitor tuition rates. Higher tuition results in fewer students.
What does college tuition go towards?
How are colleges going to spend $100 of your tuition money? On average, $61.46 goes to education costs. That includes salaries of professors and staff members, as well support for students.
Should we have free college tuition?
In order to address the current system inequalities, free college tuition programs have been effective. They have increased college enrollment, decreased student loan debt dependence, and improved completion rates, especially for students of color, who are more likely to be the first in their family...

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