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Speech of oath Ceremony

Especially to those dew drops who have made their presence in the lawns of this college for the first time, I called the Dew drops yes they are because we believe that they are as pure as the purity in the drops of dew we observe on the grass early in the morning. And now is the time to impel along with that purity in them the moral values so that they will shine in heights of the sky this also is a fact that they also have entered this premises with an aim to groom their life. Which implies that they have entered the college life where from they will come out to be the future of tomorrow’s society.

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The author of Re imagine Mr. Tom Peters has assessed the colleges as, “I imagine a college system that recognizes learning is natural, that a love of learning is normal, and that real learning is passionate learning. A college curriculum that values questions above answer….. creativity above fact regurgitation…. individuality above conformity.. and excellence above standardized performance…… And we must reject all notice of reform` that serve up more of the same: more testing, more `standards`, more uniformity, more conformity, more bureaucracy.

In context to these words of Tom Peter I assure all the parents and the students sitting in front that we all under this roof are determined to inculcate good moral values among the children who enter the premises of this college because they are supposed to be the future of tomorrow, As we are all carriers of our own stories. We have never trusted our own voices. Reforms came, but we don’t make them. They were presented by people removed from colleges, by ‘experts’ such changes bi passes college.

College by college changes, however slow, could make a powerful difference. Which implies that good colleges are still possible. With these lines of ‘Deborah Meier’ I conclude my words and whole heartedly welcome the new comers here in our family Sai Pariwar. Now to start off with the official part of the welcome ceremony I request the chairman of shri Sai Baba Aadarsh mahavidyalaya, along with the secretary SSBAM, the principal of the college and the Department heads from all the faculties to come ahead for the lightening of the lamp.