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Essay on How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change

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Climate change is the historical change in the pattern of average seasonal conditions. These changes are generally studied by dividing the history of the Earth over long periods. This change in climatic conditions can also be natural and the result of human activities. Population growth, unabated use of water, indiscriminate deforestation, etc. are included in human causes.

The greenhouse effect and global warming are considered to be the result of human actions, which is the result of the increase in the amount of gases from the industries like carbon dioxide, etc. released by humans after the industrial revolution. Scientists have been constantly warning about the dangers of climate change.

Long and Short Essay on How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change in English

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Following are some long and short essay on how to prevent and stop climate change in several word limits for the help of students and to encourage them to be aware of the climatic changes those are observed nowadays.

These How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change essay have suggested the methods to control it from any further loss.

How to prevent and stop climate change essay will provide information about the steps to be taken for the less damage and students may use it in their school assignments for writing essay on the topic or they may use it in debates and group discussion with their friends and teachers.

How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change Essay – 1 (200 Words)

Scientists and environmentalists say that CFC gases are the main cause of rising temperature of the Earth and referred as to global warming. The emission of CFC gases has to be stopped and for this, the utilization of refrigerators, air conditioners and other cooling machines will have to be reduced or use of machines which emit less CFC gas should be used.

The smoke emanating from the chimneys of industrial units is harmful and the carbon dioxide released from them increases the heat. Measures have to be taken to prevent pollution in these units. As we know carbon di-oxide is produced during burning. The more concentration of CO2 leads to warming the environment by Green House effect and also responsible for the depletion of Ozone layer in the stratosphere causing harmful rays to enter in the Earth’s atmosphere.

Environmental standards will have to be strictly followed to reduce the impact of smoke from vehicles. Vehicles release poisonous gases such as carbon mono-oxide, sulphur di-oxide and methane. Efforts will have to be made to reuse waste from industries and especially chemical units and stop felling of trees on priority and emphasize conservation of forests.

Renewable energy measures have to be taken care of, that if wind power, solar energy and hydro-electricity are taken care of instead of electricity generated from coal, then method of control on gases heating the atmosphere can be found.

How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change Essay – 2 (300 Words)

Man has polluted the environment at a large scale. There is no doubt that the planet and atmosphere we call home could one day turn against us. The temperature of the Earth has been increasing year by year in the last few decades. The earth’s temperature has been increased by 3%. Pollution caused by the release of carbon dioxide at a large scale by factories and industries into the air creates a blanket over the atmosphere. Global warming can damage the whole chain of events and disrupts ecosystems and weather patterns. We all will have to pay for the reasons that we did.

Therefore we have to put steps forward to stop or prevent global warming and not have to seek colonization on other planets. It seems impossible to stop climate change but it is easy to prevent it by further damage by taking few initiatives.

People may use compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs in spite of using regular incandescent light bulb as they consume 70% less energy than ordinary bulbs and have a longer life p. Reduce, reuse, and recycle policy should be adopted to control the pollution. People have to learn using eco-friendly products more and more and should adapt natural way of living. Reuse and recycle methods can significantly decrease the rate of change of the climate.

Keeping in mind the apprehensions that scientists and environmentalists have expressed in front of us, it is in the interest of mankind to take precautions in time. Now the time has come for us to limit our needs and avoid being too materialistic.

Environmentally friendly technological development, bio-fertilizers, use of bio-pesticides and bio-fuels are preferred, if necessary, cut trees and replace them with at least five trees, stop the destruction of forests, only then human can imagine society and manage to mitigate the effects of this problem to some extent. This will be a huge achievement in this direction. Otherwise it will not be easy to stop the destruction.

How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change Essay – 3 (400 Words)


Climate is the major factor controlling environment, because climate affects natural vegetation, soil, water bodies and fauna. Climate affects human mental and physical activities. Climate is the most influential of the elements affecting humans as it also controls other environmental factors. Now many scientists are afraid that a large number of gases produced by the people activities can change the nature of the climate and the environment in due course of time.

Scientist’s Belief

Many scientists believe that harmful gases make life on Earth seriously rare, by increasing the temperature of the planets. Other experts do not agree with this, but they believe that the temperature of the earth has been fluctuating for centuries and the long-term effects of climate change still need to be understood.

Result of Global Warming

Earth’s temperature has increased as a result of global warming. The ice of the poles is rapidly melting due to which the sea level is rising. Erosion of the ozone layer has led to increased side effects of ultraviolet rays. Polluted environment is being affected not only the human life but also on animals and birds and flora. Many rare species have been destroyed. The number of animals and birds is decreasing. Natural disasters like floods, droughts, storms, cyclones, earthquake, and land-slides have also increased.

How to Prevent Climatic Changes

Today, long-term sustainable development is required while minimizing the exploitation of natural resources while preserving the environment. Earth can be saved by adopting environment friendly lifestyle. For this, by saving energy at every step and preserving the land and forests, we can create an environment friendly environment.

The whole world has to plant more and more trees and the use of fossil fuels will be reduced. Pollution-free energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, tidal energy have to be adopted. These measures can definitely help in saving the earth from the dangers of climate change.


In order to control climate change, there is a need to adapt such technologies that reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and encourage the development of new technologies in this direction. In this endeavor, we will also have to resort to traditional knowledge so that our efforts towards controlling climate change will be successful as well as connect the whole society. Thus, the challenge of climate change can be tackled by participation of all.

Apart from these, everyone will have to make efforts to save the planet Earth from climate crisis, only then this planet will remain beautiful and lively. For this, we have to use natural resources efficiently and with full efficiency.

How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change Essay – 4 (500 Words)


Earth’s contaminated environment due to heat is a burning problem before the whole world. Due to this, today millions of fauna and flora have become extinct from the earth and many are on the verge of extinction. No nation or individual can remain free from its ill effects. As a result, problems of displacement, conflict, starvation, destruction of natural beauty and culture and nurturing the feeling of personal and national insecurity are visible.

These problems are free from the shackles of the country’s borders. Therefore, national and international common efforts are needed to solve these huge problems so that we can give a clean and healthy environment to our future generations in legacy. Although it is not possible to put a complete stop to the sequence of climate change which has started, it can be prevented from changing further by taking precautions.

Certain Tips to Prevent and Stop Climate Change

  1. Electric energy should be used because it is economical instead of coal for power generation; natural gas should be used as a fuel in transport and industries also.
  2. Non-conventional sources of energy such as wind energy, hydroelectric energy and solar energy should be used prominently.
  3. The process of recycling the goods should be invigorated because recycling a product and re-producing it costs less energy is needed than producing it again.
  4. The amount of gases such as methane, chloro-fluoro carbon (CFC), sulphur dioxide and trioxide, carbon monoxide etc. had to be controlled. This control is possible only by increasing the use of environment friendly substances.
  5. Control of climate can be done by controlling the amount of various harmful gases in the environment and by increasing the amount of oxygen by operating forest conservation and tree plantation programmes.
  6. Mankind is dependent on the fauna and flora found in nature for meeting the needs of daily life. Hence at least planting and caring of 5 trees should be motivated and if seemed necessary govt. should impose it by law.
  7. Ecological agriculture is a good option for environmental protection. Ecological agriculture must be practisiced to stop the use of chemical fertilizers and more chemicals in agriculture.
  8. Plastics garbage spoils the life form in many ways and also contributing in the temperature rise. Hence either there should be a complete ban on plastics or it must be recycled for next use.
  9. Vehicles omit poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Thus it is advised that public transport will have to be used to reduce the pollution level.


Even ordinary people can contribute significantly in reducing this tragedy. Car pooling or public vehicles should be used by people and the use of vehicles that are too old should be stopped. Only CFL or LED bulbs should be used in homes and offices. Use of star-rated devices is encouraged to save energy. Television and other electrical and electronic devices should be completely turned off after use; they should not be left on standby mode. Cooking gas or solar cooking should be used for cooking. Awareness should bring about global warming and its future consequences in public.

Long Essay on How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change – 5 (600 Words)


Most of the experts and institutes who understand climate change are challenging that if there is not very comprehensive efforts to control this crisis, then the situation will get out of control in few years. News of growing disasters is being reported all over the world. Therefore, the time has come that efforts should be made to save them from now.

How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change

There are some steps which can be taken immediately.

Preservation of Forests

First of all it is very important to save the forests. It is estimated that every 50 minutes of tropical forests are destroyed by the world, equal to 5.5 million hectares per year. In many places they are destroyed by burning and only because of this, 20 percent carbon dioxide is emitted on the earth. These forests are cut down for wood, for industries, for farming.

The task of protecting forests has always been important. The usefulness of forests has always been in terms of soil and water conservation, reducing the crisis of floods and droughts and the livelihood of tribals and villagers. Now the ability of forests to absorb carbon dioxide has become very important in the climate change.

It is imperative that a large part of the financial resources available to prevent climate change should be passed on to the communities which have been protecting the forests and can do this work much better if there is support for it in future. Along with this, the important work of plantation and maintenance of new trees should also go ahead.

Advancement of Renewable Energy

Along with protecting forests, the second important point is to advance renewable energy sources. Till now solar energy, wind power etc. have got only place on the margins of the energy sector. The situation has changed after their role in resolving the crisis of climate change is clear and efforts are being made to get renewable energy sources more important in the energy sector.

Conservation of Energy

Organizations such as Greenpeace have found that decentralized development of renewable energy will help more to meet the energy needs of those communities currently suffering from the power crisis. Energy conservation will also have to be emphasized more. The amount available for the solution of climate change in the world, the poor and developing countries should get abundant amount for renewable energy development.

Adapting Organic Farming

If organic farming is encouraged in agriculture and unnecessary mechanization is avoided, it will also help in reducing the crisis of climate change. In industrialization, instead of luxury goods, more attention should be paid to the products of all people. In the entire economy, the highest priority should be given to meeting the basic needs of all people and for this, technologies should be encouraged in which greenhouse gas emissions and other pollution is reduced.

Change in Business and Trade

It is also important to change the way of business and trade that pollute the environment or indirectly raise the temperature. The issue of climate change should not be limited to the International Congress alone, it should make a continuous effort to reach them in the language of the common people, especially in the event of catastrophic disasters, how should the people prepare to face them and for this the government should help. It should be given more attention.


The question arises that how to prepare to face big and terrible disasters. If we make these questions a main priority and the government and administration are ready to adapt to this priority, then the adverse effects of climate change may not be completely stopped, but these side effects can be reduced considerably.

Renewable energy development and energy conservation are areas to save the whole world from crisis, so their new technology will have to be kept free from patents, royalty etc. Whatever new technologies come in these areas, they should be available free of charge to all countries and people.

Essay on How to Prevent and Stop Climate Change essay

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