Climate Change Impact On Agriculture In Pakistan Environmental Sciences Essay

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Climate alteration is a phenomenon that arises due to emanations of nursery gases from fuel burning, deforestation, urbanisation and industrialisation, ensuing fluctuations in solar energy, temperature and precipitation. ( Upreti, 1999 ) . It is a existent menace to life which mostly affects H2O resources, agribusiness, coastal parts, fresh water home grounds, flora, woods, snow screen, and geological procedures such as thaw, land sliding, desertification and inundations all of which have long-run affects on nutrient security and human wellness. ( G.Malla.2008 ) .

Climate alteration is a planetary issue ; debated on at all foreparts whether it 's political, economic or scientific. Climate must be prevented from farther harm. Before the terminal arrives, there is a demand on all degrees of society to understand clime, the factors behind alteration and its impact on our agribusiness and economic system.

It is a good known fact that agribusiness is the anchor of Pakistan. Agriculture and agri-related activities form 80 % of the state 's economic system. Agriculture is relatively more sensitive to alterations in clime, and can be impacted badly due to events such as ill-timed rainfalls, utmost temperatures and carbondioxide concentrations. A demand arises to closely detect the environment and take up necessary steps for undertaking these challenges. This research work is an effort to turn to the issues and jobs faced by Pakistan 's agricultural sector and happen the necessary solutions.

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2. Statement OF THE PROBLEM:

Pakistan 's economic system and prosperity is closely linked to its agribusiness. Pakistan 's economic activities relate straight or indirectly to agricultural sector. Agricultural sector is dependent on nature. The unsure alterations in nature i.e. altering in precipitation form, highly high and low temperatures, cyclones, electrical storms, fluctuation in H2O degree, impurification of air, H2O and dirt, have made agribusiness and agri-production a ambitious issue. Unusual heavy rain storms in 2010, which resulted in inundations and deformation of agribusiness and belongings, are an illustration of clime alteration. The loss to the economic system and the people agonies are still remembered and unforgettable. It is the demand of the twenty-four hours to carefully detect clime alteration, the causes of utmost conditions events and happen the necessary solutions to the jobs.

Issues sing susceptibleness to extreme climate conditions should be addressed with earnestness to salvage Pakistan 's agricultural sector and accordingly the national economic system. This research survey is an effort in turn toing and finally work outing the jobs faced by Pakistan 's agribusiness sector due to unsure climate revolutionization.

3. Aim:

Sing the importance of agricultural sector for the economic system and nutrient demands of Pakistan, there is a demand for dependable estimations of major harvest production under varied clime alteration commissariats and fortunes. Although clime is an unmeasurable fact that is affected by assorted factors i.e. Carbon dioxide concentration in ambiance, temperature fluctuations, precipitation rates, H2O degree, dirt eroding, salt etc. The factors that are straight set uping harvest production are temperature and precipitation rates. This research survey will analyse harvest production with temperature and precipitation rates. The nucleus intents of this research survey will be as under ;

1. To detect the tendency of clime alteration from the last three decennaries i.e. from 1980 to 2010 ;

2. To analyse temperature and rainfall, as the cardinal factors set uping agricultural production, with the major hard currency harvests and nutrient harvests in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa ;

3. To look into the likely impacts of recent and predicted future clime alteration on different harvests production ;

4. To size up different adaptative schemes in get bying with the ruinous conditions of environment and bettering the entire harvests yield ;

4. Significance:

Pakistan is an agricultural state ; climate alteration impact on agricultural sector is a serious issue that demands immediate attending. This research survey chiefly focuses on the impact of clime alteration on agricultural sector of Pakistan such as ill-timed rainfalls and temperature fluctuations that finally consequences in either drawn-out drouths, unalarmed inundations, addition in dirt erodings and lessening in land productiveness, which finally consequences in the migrations and desertification. The state 's socio-economic apparatus suffers the most that leads to a weak state.

The most recent impact of clime alteration was seen in July 2010, when inundations destroyed 1000s of small towns all over Pakistan. The greatest hit among them was Khyber Pakhtunkhawa ( KPK ) . The nucleus intent of this research survey is to analyse the temperature and precipitation effects on agricultural green goods in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa. Major harvests will be taken up in this respect, to analyse them in relation with temperature and precipitation from 1980 to 2010. Predictions of temperature and precipitation will assist us accommodate in the hereafter with utmost cropping and harvest home seasons. Prevention can be done before catastrophe work stoppages to safeguard the involvement of a hapless husbandman.

5. RESEARCH Question:

This research survey will endeavor towards happening replies to the undermentioned inquiries ;

1. Be at that place any possible harm caused by clime alteration to Pakistan 's economic system as a whole and agribusiness sector in peculiar?

2. What are the impacts of 2010 inundations on the production of major harvests in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa?

3. Are at that place any adaptive schemes to climate alteration that can assist rural communities strengthen their capacity to get by with catastrophes?

4. What should be the future land-management accomplishments of husbandmans to climate alteration?

5. What measures should be taken in the hereafter to diversify the support of the hapless husbandmans?

6. Methodology:

The methodological analysis to be adopted for this survey will be as under ;

Major factors set uping clime alteration on agricultural sector are temperature and precipitation rates. Harmonizing to the works physiology literature, works development is a additive positive map of temperature, within a scope of temperature between lower limit and maximal thresholds ( Ritchie and Smith, 1991 ) . Keeping this in head, the econometric theoretical account used for analysing the clime impact on agricultural sector will use both maximal and minimal temperatures, which are positively related to harvest 's output. Furthermore, precipitation rates set uping harvests outputs will be captured by the relevant econometric and mathematical equations.

The information sing the temperature and precipitation variables will be obtained from Pakistan Metrological Department. The information for the entire output of assorted harvests in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa ( KPK ) will be attained from the Pakistan Federal Bureau of Statistics. Climate alteration tendency will besides be observed by prosecuting different econometric and statistical techniques and processs. The econometric theoretical account used in the research survey will be analyzed with the aid of econometric package ; SPSS or SAS. The elaborate analysis of the econometric theoretical accounts will be explained and decisions will be drawn from it. The socioeconomic impacts on people every bit good as on the development of state will besides be addressed. Future recommendations every bit good as the adaptative schemes for hooking with utmost environment conditions will besides be given.


The proposed chapter construction of the survey will be as under ;

Chapter I ; Agriculture sector and its importance to the economic system of Pakistan.

Chapter II ; Climate alteration and its impact on Pakistan agricultural sector.

Chapter III ; Agricultural production in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa as affected by the alteration in climatic conditions ;

Reappraisal of the major harvests over the last three decennaries.

Chapter IV ; Analysis and probe of the major harvests of Khyber Pakhtunkhawa with climate alteration factors, utilizing Econometric techniques.

Chapter V ; Reasoning the survey ; assorted adaptability and compatibility schemes in relation to climate alteration will be discussed.


Agribusiness is highly vulnerable to climate alteration. Higher temperatures finally cut down outputs of desirable harvests while promoting weed and pest production. Changes in precipitation forms elevate the short-term harvest malfunction and declines long-term productions. Although there will be an addition in some harvests production in some parts of the universe, the overall impacts of clime alteration on agribusiness are expected to be negative, intimidating planetary nutrient security.

International Food Policy Research Institute ( 2009 ) conducted a survey that concentrates on assorted agricultural sector issues in Asia and the Pacific. It presents indexs of exposure, sensitiveness, and adaptative capacity of agribusiness sector in the part. Those indexs underline the exposure of the agribusiness sector as a beginning of support and nutrient security for many people. This survey besides represents huge heterogeneousness in farming systems across Central, East, Southeast, and South Asia and the Pacific Islands. It besides highlights many other facets of exposure to climate alteration across the part that includes undernourishment, poorness and decelerate productivity. , all of which are aggravated by the effects of clime alteration.

Neil Leary and Jyoti Kulkarni, ( 2007 ) , work is based on a combination of instance surveies from different parts of the universe. These surveies have debated clime exposure to impacts from clime fluctuation and alteration. The possible results from exposure to climate jeopardies and clime alteration are identified as high-ranking concern in these studies.. It includes H2O scarceness that retards advancement towards development ends, losingss of full ecosystems and their species, more frequent and greater loss of life in coastal zones, land debasement, nutrient insecurity and dearth, loss of supports and increase in infective disease epidemics. All of these are possible results of exposure to climate jeopardies. It is a beginning of greater information as it has addressed clime alteration impacts on all foreparts of life whether it is societal, economic or political.

Santiago Olmos ( 2001 ) provides an lineation of version issues, capable to climate exposure literature and clime treatments. This paper covers appraisals of clime exposure in assorted parts of the universe and developing states in peculiar. The paper besides discusses some of the bing resources that can be used to carry on clime exposure appraisals and version work.

The current research work is alone in the sense that it will indicate out the impacts of clime alteration on the agricultural sector of Pakistan. More specifically, major countries of concern will be the climate impact on harvests outputs in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa over the last three decennaries. The direct and indirect societal and economic impacts of clime alteration will besides be analyzed in this survey. Adaptive and preventative steps in hooking with utmost clime conditions will besides be given in this research survey.

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