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Entrepreneurs Pitch Underwater Products for Life-changing Investments

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When CNBC approached me to be one of three hosts and investors for , I was excited to sit on the other side of the fundraising table and test next gen products designed for the outdoor space. On the show we put new outdoor products to test as the entrepreneurs behind the creations pitch me, NFL linebacker Dhani Jones, and the Co-Founder of Boost Mobile Craig Cooper to invest in their companies and products. 

still shot from adventure capitalist on cnbc

This week we dive into the shark-infested waters of the Bahamas to decide if we want to invest in three hopeful entrepreneurs looking for financing. 


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Entrepreneurs Pitch Underwater Products for Life-changing Investments

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. The Hookahroo was created to give uncertified divers the ability to experience oxygen-aided dives as well as give experienced divers the ability to ditch the tank from their backs. 

 2. The Sharkstopper. Designed to keep sharks away, this device sends out an acoustic repellant that turns on automatically once it’s under water. The entrepreneur behind this creation put us to the test as we dive into some shark-infested waters.

3. The X2. This underwater jetpack is a propulsion system that will have you zip through water at 6mph, about twice as fast as Michael Phelps. It will make you feel like a superhero—or villain. 

Here's a sneak peek of the upcoming third episode "Ocean":

To find out of if we take a chance on these entrepreneurs—and to see the full episode—tune in to your local CNBC station this Monday, Sept. 5 at 10PM ET/PT.
Jeremy Bloom is founder and CEO of, a marketing software technology provider

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