Baderman Island Resort: Mission and Vision

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Baderman Resort provides its guests various options to relax and entertain themselves at their prime location situated at the shores of the Kelsey river. The resort is self contained with many restaurants of different types, three hotels namely Baderman Main Hotel, The Tenney and Melancon Convention Center and Hotel. Apart form this there is a botanical garden, fairway, recreation center, and a spa. Apart from this the island boasts various shopping and eating locations. An art gallery tops the list with in-house collections and exhibits borrowed from other collections around the world.

Baderman being an island resort has services oriented totally towards customer needs. The prime concern for Baderman is to offer its customers a place to relax, be entertained and enjoy their time alone or with their families. With this defined, Badermans mission statement should be as follows: ‘We are in the business of leisure and tourism through providing world class services to our clients in the form of a peaceful, serene environment with the best service and calming atmosphere.

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We provide scenic views, relaxation and enjoyment for our clients, their families and business colleagues all the while keeping in mind the interests of our stakeholders being owners of restaurants and hotels within the island as well as business partners. ’ This mission statement covers all aspects that a mission statement should cover namely the type of business, service offered to customers and benefit to stakeholders.

The statement highlights the right target market being any one who wants to have a good time and quality service at Baderman whether alone, with families or whether to conduct business. Baderman offers everything for any of the above types of customers. Vision: Baderman’s vision should be to keep its scenic views unadulterated and increase the quality level and amount of services that it offers to its customers. It should in the near future train all its employees in hospitality and customer care.

It has two choices, either it expands to offer more locations and thus increase its capacity as well to accommodate a larger amount of customers or it finds a niche and attracts a specific set of customers and to do so adds more elements to its current plans. Whatever the route it takes, it will have to make a few changes in the current setup it has and training employees in the long run. It should provide a helipad, a private airstrip, more restaurants with various cuisines, more spas and saunas, sports facilities etc.

It can also provide season specific amenities to its guests. In the end it should exercise strict quality management. In the leisure industry, if anything slightly goes wrong, it spreads all over and leaves the resort with a bad name. Bad service to accidents can all be the cause for a bad name. Due to this reason the staff should be properly trained and strict controls will need to be put in order to maintain the highest quality standard possible for the targeted market.

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