The Baderman Island Resort Word Processing Software Upgrade

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Smith Systems Consulting is IT services provider delivering business and office automation solutions country wide. We have expertise in project management, software application design, deployment and support. We also provide computing hardware and network installation services. To provide Baderman the most suitable word processing solution, our experts have worked out a plan comprising of three staged project plan based on time tested proprietary standards. Need Assessment Our experts will be involved in identifying current as well as future word processing needs for all users at Baderman.

This activity will include documenting all features currently used such as word processing, desktop publishing, web publishing etc. Consultants will conduct interviews throughout the organization to document and compile an exhaustive in-use feature list. We will also collect valuable information about the current hardware and software configurations such, versions of operating systems, memory and processing power, currently used word processing software etc. Our IS auditors will collect all policies, procedures and guidelines governing the purchase, use and upgrade of computer hardware and software at Baderman.

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The objective of need assessment is to document all the requirements from various business units. It is an essential element of developing a business-case for any recommended solution. This business-case will help management understand the utility of such an investment, and create the executive’s buy-in necessary for the success of such a project. Product Identification Following need-assessment we will provide details of product(s) identified to best suit the current and future needs at Baderman. Our goal during this phase will be to provide a choice of options supported by data collected during need-assessment.

The management may decide to opt for mix of products for different department such as word processing software for many and desktop publishing, web authoring systems for communication and marketing etc. Our proposed solution will accommodate such possibilities to avoid any repeat of work. As standard procedure we will also submit an impact analysis for each of the chosen products, on the currently deployed infrastructure. This will help develop accurate budget and expenditure forecast. Implementation The implementation phase will be further divided into three stages.

Each stage will target a group of workers chosen to minimize loss of productivity in operational activities. First group will comprise of top managers from all the various business units. Installation and training will be provided to these leaders and consultants will monitor the progress continuously. These managers will provide the necessary momentum required to successfully implement the change at lower level. This exercise will create stake holders at department level ready to take a lead in adopting new solution

Next in line will be line managers reporting to lead managers, and lastly all the knowledge workers using word processing software will be targeted. Following a strict step by step regime will allow deployment and training teams to focus attention on groups. This will deliver measurable and repeatable process for adoption of upgrades or new technology. We strive to provide the best quality of service to all our customers. Our planners, consultants and engineers will provide the right mix of skills and expertise to deliver favorable results.

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