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It was a long, full day of work and I was ready to get back to the dorm to relax and have some fun, after all, it was my best friends birthday. We decided to go out for his birthday dinner for him and have a few drinks before we headed out. We had music cranking, we were singing and having a good end of the week party. Drinks began passing around and we took a turn for the worst, an RA outside our door smelled alcohol. Immediately the RA told us to open up to see what was going on, as if he didn’t already know, he too is a college student.

So we all knew we had been caught so we let him come in to give us our punishments and go on with our soon to be sober lives. But as he walked in the room, cops decided to take a peak at what was going on. The RA told us he was upset with the cops “randomly showing up” but I didn’t believe him, and I still don’t. The cops made the RA walk us to the sinks with our pride and joy and dump it all down the drain. He was surprised as to how cooperative we were and almost let us off the hook for a violation, but realized we were income for him.

So he got the breathalyzer out, skipped our rights and handed all of us drinking tickets like he’d done many times before. I have never been so upset in my life; so mad I started punching my bed and pillow. What I thought was going to be the peak of my week turned out to go down the drain just like my Wild Turkey 101. Looking back at it now, I don’t feel like it has impacted me as bad as I thought it was going to. Yes, my bank account is feeling the pain, but my hands have finally stopped hurting. I have gotten a lawyer who told me to do 24 hours of community service and take a drinking class by my court date.

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Not too bad, the punishment could be much worse. The drinking ticket hasn’t stopped me from going out, but it has stopped me from drinking. Since then I haven’t had a sip of alcohol at school and I actually enjoy it, watching other people do dumb stuff is just as fun as actually drinking, and it’s legal! I sure have learned my lesson just as I always do, the hard way. How this can affect my future Before this ticket ever happened, I had never thought how much a drinking ticket could really affect my life, nor did I think I would ever get one.

Since the ticket I have put a lot of thought into how it can affect my near future as well as my far future. Now that I have a drinking ticket, employers could not higher me because of suspicion that I would break other laws to give him or her company a bad name. Also with this ticket I have a misdemeanor on my record. I never thought of myself being a criminal or having a bad record, but now I have one for a stupid think I did one night. Because of this being on my record, a policeman could take me to jail for something small such as a speeding ticket.

The worst part of having the drinking ticket is that the school has put me on probation. I didn’t think this was a big deal because my grades are fine, but when I went to go and register for new classes I have to call the school and get my account temporarily upheld. This made registration for my class in the spring semester a lot harder than it usually is because all the classes that I wanted to take were either filled up or at a point in the day that I don’t want to be in class (8am). Because of this awful timing, I may sleep in through my classes and get a lower grade than I would like to have.

One other thing that the drinking ticket has taken away from my future is that Campus Living will not hire me as a Resident Advisor because I can’t be trusted. Goals Since I have entered college I have set many goals for myself, most of these being current grades. Some of the goals that I have look into the future and those are the ones that can be most affected by this ticket. I want to maintain a 3. 0 GPA at the very lowest so that I can chose which major I want as a graduate student.

This ticket has made this a lot harder to happen because of the amount of community service that I have had to do in the past few weeks, I have no spare time to relax either, but that’s what college is about. Because I am on probation with the school I couldn’t register for the classes that I wanted because I had to wait for the school to unlock my account. Because of this I now have a harder schedule and may not do as well as planned. I do believe that I can work through these classes next semester if I can manage to wake up on time.

Other goals that I have at ECU is to be more involved and even president of a few clubs at the school. I have not looked into this part, but a drinking ticket could dictate whether or not I am able to run this part of the club. Since I have been at ECU I have met many friends and have had a great time, even with all the work that is contently due. I am hoping that this drinking ticket doesn’t affect my future here at school and can get taken off of my record. Since the ticket I have not had a sip of alcohol and don’t plan to until I turn 21, I think I can wait another year and a half, not a big deal in my mind.

I’ll just watch other people get into trouble and make fools of themselves when they are out trying to have fun and meet new people. In a way I am sort of thankful that this has happened. I am also glad that the turnout has not been as bad as I originally thought it was going to be. I could have had to go to jail or been in far more trouble with the school, so that’s one way to look at the situation positively. I am very sorry for drinking on campus and will not let it happen again, I don’t even want to drink anymore now that I have stopped for a few months.

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