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Business Communication: Big Ticket Item

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I am writing to inquire about a certain vacation package that is listed on your website. I intend to book a vacation to Jamaica, so I had a few questions to ask in order to find out a little bit more information about what your company is offering. There are some details listed on your website, but they are difficult to understand.

My first question is about the package deal itself. On the website, it indicates that the package includes a free night, plus a discount of 35% off. Is this 35% discount before or after the price of the first night is deducted from the total? This would help me calculate the costs of a potential vacation to Sandals, Jamaica.

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Business Communication: Big Ticket Item

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In addition to that, I am wondering about the “all inclusive” nature of the vacation itself. I understand this to include the resort, food, and drink, but what about the other activities that I might want to do? Can I go scuba diving or rent a jet ski under this all inclusive plan?

The website is very ambiguous about potential travel options to the resort. Do you all handle the travel, as well? Is there any way to have Sandals book a flight for me? In addition, is this included in the total price of the all inclusive vacation package that you are currently offering?

My final question has to do with the reservation package itself. In order to quality for the good deal on your website, I would have to book my vacation in the next couple of weeks. What happens if the vacation date rolls around and we can no longer get down to the island? What is your policy concerning refunds in a case like this?

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