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What Is a Parental Capacity Assessment?

Manning et al., (2009) claim that one in 11 children aged less than 16 in the UK are living in a family where there is an alcohol or drug problem. However it is important to note that not all parents who are substance misusers are …

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Treatment of Dually Diagnosed Clients

Critically analyze and apply the theory underpinning one intervention with a dually diagnosed client. Contrasting this intervention with other techniques. Introduction Dual diagnosis has been described as one of the most significant problems facing the health services (Phillips et al 2010). The term was first …

Mental DisorderPsychotherapySubstance Abuse
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Effects of Serious Mental Illness and Substance Abuse on Criminal Offenses: Article Summary

Abuse on Criminal Offenses was a very interesting article and it also brought up some interesting facts. It talks about people who have a mental illness are overrepresented in jails and prisons. In the article it says that these people with these mental illnesses need …

AbuseSubstance Abuse
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Substance Abuse – its Explanation and Types

Substance abuse is a growing problem that not only affects the person who is abusing alcohol or drugs but affects the lives of those who are close to the abuser. Substance abuse is the abuse of any substance. A drug is a substance that modifies …

AddictionAlcoholismMedicineSubstance Abuse
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Interventions For Substance Abuse Amongst Young People

INTRODUCTION Despite the fact that young people are most often the healthiest group of people in the population (Emmelkamp, and Vedel, 2006), there is concern about the extent to which this group engages in risk-taking behaviours, including the consumption of drugs and alcohol and the …

AbuseMedicinePsychotherapySubstance Abuse
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Substance Abuse And Addiction Health And Social Care Essay

“ Tens of 1000000s of Americans use habit-forming substances. Twenty-five million have a history of intoxicant dependance and more than five million qualify as difficult nucleus chronic drug users ” ( Bernhein and Rangel, 2004 ) . The alterations in the encephalon make it hard …

AbuseAddictionSubstance Abuse
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Substance Abuse: Overview

This issue troubles me every time, even when I try not to think about it, and turn my mind away from it. Addiction is not what Just happened, it takes time, creep in slowly without you knowing you getting addicted to it. Most times people …

AbuseMedicineSmokingSubstance Abuse
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Street Children and Substance Abuse

Honduran children, stakeholders or not Even Honduran street children are H.B. Fuller stakeholders to a certain degree.  They are not legitimate consumers of the glue products.  But they are beneficiaries of Fuller’s business activities through it’s subsidiary, Kativo. Many of these children are potential future …

ChildrenSubstance Abuse
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Substance Abuse Global Phenomena Health And Social Care Essay

Substance maltreatment is a multi-facetted job that plagues a whole society, irrespective of different age classs and societal categories. The effects and the sum of injury caused to the person, the household and society are diverse. Mauritius, while being a little island of about 1.2 …

AbuseHeroinInfectionMedicineSubstance Abuse
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Substance Abuse: Driving Under the Influence

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), 16,694 people died in 2004 in alcohol and drug related traffic collisions, representing 40% of all traffic related deaths in the United States. (“2004 Traffic Safety…” 2005) In addition about half of the one million people …

DrivingSubstance Abuse
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Legalizing Recreational Drugs

A recreational drug is categorized as any substance with pharmacologic effects that is either taken voluntarily for personal pleasure, or for satisfaction rather than for medicinal purposes such as cocaine, marijuana, or ecstasy. These types of drugs are easily found and are used by more …

CrimeSubstance AbuseWar on Drugs
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Legalizing the Use of Drugs

Many feel today we are losing the war on drugs. When a battle goes to the point where there is no winner, there needs to be a re-evaluation of how to solve the problem. In the case of the war against drugs, years of fighting …

AddictionCrimeSubstance Abuse
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Problems in Baltimore

Baltimore is a port city that is filled with many popular tourist attractions such as its museums, aquarium, and sports teams. It is also a city that has been on the decline for many years. The crime, drugs, and unemployment levels have all risen over …

PovertySubstance AbuseTeenage Pregnancy
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Reflection Essay on Substance Abuse

This could cause things to be more dangerous for other people. I know that there are many reasons why are youth are want to try these things. They do it because they might be bored. Others think it makes them seem older. Some are just …

AbuseAdolescenceMedicineSubstance Abuse
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Female Offenders

Aarron Eilers February 22, 2010 Female Offenders The number of women incarcerated is growing at a rapid pace. This calls for a reevaluation of our correction institutions to deal with women’s involvement in crime. Increasing numbers of arrests for property crime and public order offenses …

CrimeSubstance AbuseViolence
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